Global economy

What’s next for global markets? Keep a close eye on the oil price

The price of oil has tumbled in recent weeks, just as stocks have lost their footing. John Stepek looks at what a rebound in crude would mean for investors.

Why America is still king

The global economic dominance of the US was supposed to be fading by now. But it’s just not happening, says Matthew Lynn.

Music industry back on song

In the 2000s, the internet threatened to sink the record industry. But now streaming has given the music business a new lease of life. Simon Wilson reports.

The credit boom is on borrowed time

In 2008, US subprime mortgage loans triggered the financial crisis. Now, worried eyes are turning to record high corporate debt.

What’s the point of the G20?

The recently concluded gathering of world leaders increasingly looks like a talking shop.

America’s trade truce with China is good news for markets

At the G20 summit in Argentina this weekend, the US and China struck a truce in their trade war. John Stepek looks at what it means for the markets, and for your money.

The future of space exploration

The International Space Station is 20 years old. A robot has landed on Mars. Billionaire adventurers have set their sights on the stars. What next for humankind’s great space adventure?

What could China and America’s clash at the G20 mean for your money?

World powers including China and America are meeting at the G20 summit this weekend. John Stepek looks at what – if anything – is likely to come out of it.

Chart of the week: trade war light on casualties so far

Global trade volume slipped 1.1% in September, but that followed a record peak the previous month. Meanwhile, Chinese goods exports to all countries grew 15.6% year-on-year in October

Oil-price slide will boost global economic growth

Since early October, the oil price has fallen by a third to a one-year low of around $60 a barrel. But plenty of people will benefit from that.

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