Global economy

The charts that matter: the unshakeable market

John Stepek looks how developments in the political sphere this week have affected that charts that matter most to the global economy.

Trade war with China, rising tension with Iran – markets just don’t care

If markets reflected geopolitics, this week would have been brutal for stocks. But they just shrugged it off. So what’s going on? John Stepek explains what really drives markets.

Betting on politics: the contest hots up in Australia

Matthew Partridge looks at some individual seats in the Australian elections that offer value for the punter.

Australia heads to polls weary of turmoil

The Australian election on Saturday offers a chance to reset after a decade of political turmoil.

Sabre-rattling in the Middle East

Are America and Iran on the path to war? Matthew Partridge reports.

Trump's tweet triggers trade tariff tit-for-tat

On Monday the US president tweeted that “China should not retaliate” to increased tariffs. But two hours later Beijing announced $60bn of its own tariffs, which wiped more than $1trn off global stocks.

The fallout from the trade war: what next for Asia?

The trade war between the US and China has left Asian economies caught in the middle,

Trade wars are a stupid idea, but it seems we’re going to have one anyway

Global markets have reacted badly to the escalation of the US-China trade war. John Stepek looks at what’s going on and what it means for your money.

Investors beware: central banks won’t be able to prop up markets forever

Markets have grown complacent, expecting central banks to shield them from any upheaval. But in these volatile times that’s a dangerous assumption, says John Stepek. The world is changing and you need to be ready.

What Trump’s trade tweets mean for your money

Markets briefly stuttered on reading Donald Trump’s tweet raising tariffs on Chinese imports to the US. But they soon recovered. John Stepek asks if their optimism is justified.

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