Global economy

Calling time on the supranationals

Countries are lining up to assert their sovereignty, says Merryn Somerset Webb. That’s bad news for supranational organisations.

The global trade war is escalating fast

Donald Trump’s trade war is the biggest threat to the global economy and to world markets. Things are going to get messy, says John Stepek. Here’s what it all means.

The EU’s shrinking budget

We’ve heard a lot about how Brexit will affect the UK’s finances. But what impact will it have on the EU’s? Simon Wilson reports.

The global trade war has kicked off

With the US now collecting 25% tariffs on some imports from China, we’re now in a global trade war, says John Stepek. Here’s what it means for your portfolio.

Should you be worried about Trump's trade war?

Matthew Partridge talks to strategist Luca Paolini about Donald Trump’s trade war, and who would suffer the most.

Merkel’s new migrant crisis

Germany’s deal on refugees looks like a fudge. Matthew Partridge reports.

Populism, intervention – and inflation

The rise of populism is a reaction to the concentration of power in central banks, corporations and supra national institutions. Expect to see a lot more politicians sticking their oars in.

Albert Edwards: investors are missing the real danger

Investors are worrying about the US and China, and US interest rates, but the real danger is higher US tariffs on German cars, says Society Generale’s Albert Edwards.

Expect global trade tensions to get worse before they get better

Despite fears about a global trade war, things aren’t too bad yet. But increasing tension between the US and China could soon change that, says John Stepek.

Why China is set to hit the Great Wall of Debt

The engine of global growth is set to slow sharply and that will have implications for investors all around the world, author Dinny McMahon tells Merryn Somerset Webb.

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