Global economy

Steve Eisman: beware Canada's property bubble

Steve Eisman, managing director of Neuberger Berman, is worried about Canada’s housing bubble; gloomy on Deutsche Bank; and sceptical of cryptocurrencies.

Chart of the week: who will suffer most in a trade war?

If the trade war between the US and China worsens, both countries’ growth will suffer as they raise barriers against a wider range of goods and make it harder for foreign companies to gain footholds.

Corporate bonds: where the next financial crisis will start

The next financial crisis could start in corporate bonds, as credit quality has deteriorated over the past few years and decades.

Who will win the battle of the tech firms – America's west or China's east?

Will America’s west coast or China’s east win the battle for tech firm supremacy? It’s still all to play for, says Matthew Lynn.

Unreliable central bankers are leaving investors bamboozled

Central bankers have huge influence on the markets. But their lack of conviction is leaving investors unsure about what to expect, says John Stepek.

Australia's record run of economic growth may finally be coming to an end

Late last year Australia officially notched up the longest stretch of economic growth in modern history. But it may finally have reached the end of the road.

Investors rush for the exits in Argentina

Last summer, investors were happy to snap up Argentina’s 100-year government bond despite continual political turbulence and a lousy credit history. Now, they can’t find the exit door fast enough.

Rising wages may bring surprises in Japan

Wages are rising in Japan. That doesn’t necessarily mean the Bank of Japan will end its monetary stimulus. But it does open the door to surprises, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Oil-price surge threatens global growth

Increasingly robust global growth is driving demand for oil and pushing up the price. But the global economy may not be able to cope with oil at $100.

Betting on politics: the hottest markets

Jacob Rees-Mogg is the bookies’ favourite to succeed Theresa May as prime minister, says Matthew Partridge.

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