Global economy

Goldilocks will be bucked from the bull

Conditions have been just right for stock markets for a while. Andrew Van Sickle explains why it won’t last.

A most unlikely meeting of rivals

Donald Trump took everyone by surprise by agreeing to talks with North Korea. Emily Hohler reports.

Abe shaken by favours scandal

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has been dogged by allegations of special favours linked to the sale of government land.

The balance between value and growth

Investors need to go a long way to find sensibly priced stocks today, but Japan and the US still offer pockets of value, Simon Edelsten tells Merryn Somerset Webb.

Betting on politics: Italy throws a surprise

My predictions regarding the Italian elections at the weekend went poorly, says Matthew Partridge. But there was better news in Germany.

Why Europe’s strongman may wobble

Viktor Orban’s policies have raised fears about the future of democracy in Hungary, but voters like his handling of the economy. Frédéric Guirinec reports.

How "Iron Man" Musk is taking the lead in the new space race

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has grandiose plans for humanity. It’s looking increasingly likely that he has the chutzpah – and cash – to succeed, says Chris Carter.

Russians meddled in US elections

But Trump claims his campaign did nothing wrong. Emily Hohler reports.

Betting on politics: Italy's election

With the Italian election coming up at the start of March, Matthew Partridge looks at who the bookies expect to win.

Chart of the week: Inflation in OECD countries

It’s been ages since we had to worry about big price rises, as this chart of underlying inflation in the OECD, a group of developed countries, reminds us.

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