EU Referendum

EU referendum

The EU referendum was a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape Britain's future, inside or outside the European Union. It's caused a lot of divisions, but now that the result is known, it's time to make it work.

Brexit comes with vast possibilities and opportunities, and MoneyWeek can help you navigate them and find out how to make it work for your money.

What Norway’s finance minister thinks about the Norway option

Norway has been held up as a model for Britain after Brexit. Matthew Partridge speaks to Norway’s finance minister, Siv Jensen, to find out what the Norwegians think about that.

The baby-faced beast of Berlaymont

Arch-federalist Martin Selmayr, who engineered Jean-Claude Juncker’s ascent to the European Commission presidency, is emerging as a pivotal power broker in European politics. Jane Lewis reports.

The Brexit spending scandal

Leave may have broken the rules – but did it matter? Matthew Partridge reports.

A soft Brexit would still give Britain a say in making the rules

Professor Carl Baudenbacher

That Britain would become a “rule-taker” by joining the EEA is one of the main arguments against a “soft Brexit”. But it isn’t true, judge Carl Baudenbacher tells Matthew Partridge.

Five things we should do to prepare for Brexit

Farming © Alamy

It’s just a year until we finally shrug off the Brussels shackles. Matthew Lynn outlines five last-minute preparations.

How Brexit will affect the CFD and spread betting industry

Matthew Partridge talks to Andrew Edwards, CEO of Saxo Capital Markets, about how Brexit is affecting both his firm and the industry as a whole.

Will Brexit make it harder to keep the lights on in Britain?

Matthew Partridge talks to energy consultant Clive Moffatt to find out how EU membership has affected the UK’s energy policy, and how Brexit is likely to affect it.

Why the Italian election results are unlikely to matter to Brexit

Italy’s recent election proved a successful one for Euro-sceptic parties. Matthew Partridge talks to Italian economist Lorenzo Codogno to find out what – if anything – it means for Brexit.

The PM comes clean on Brexit

Theresa May is finally confronting the hard truths of leaving the EU. Matthew Partridge reports.

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