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Shelter your business from forex storms

Shop worker handing over a €20 note

Currency volatility is an increasing headache for small-business owners. But there are steps you can take to combat currency fluctuations.

How my Starbucks dream was nearly stolen

Howard Schultz

In 1987, Howard Schultz had the opportunity to buy Starbucks for $3.8m – but he was almost grumped, until Bill Gates’ father stepped in.

Five questions for: Samuel Leach

Samuel Leach, founder, Samuel & Co Trading

Samuel Leach is the founder of Samuel & Co Trading, a training programme for aspiring foreign-exchange and algorithm traders.

Money makers: how a selfie with Jesus led to success

Radha Vyas and Lee Thompson © Flash Pack

With a limited budget for marketing, Lee Thompson and Radha Vyas decided to take things to the next level by heading to Brazil.

Money makers: hail the new evangelists of veganism

Matthew and Ella Mills

Ella Mills, together with husband Matthew, are taking healthy eating to whole new levels. Chris Carter reports.

Five questions for… Andy Scott, chairman and founder of REL Capital

Andy Scott

REL Capital is a UK investment company that specialises in turnaround and high-growth businesses.

Hook up with the taxman when paying staff

Children playing with a cup phone © Getty images

If you employ staff, you must have payroll software. David Prosser lists your options.

Finding tomorrow’s stars with the SEIS

Two women at a laptop © iStock

The SEIS is a risky but highly tax-efficient way to invest in small companies. David Prosser explains how it works.

Money makers: shaking up the mixer market

Dutch twins Joyce and Raissa de Haas

Dutch twins Joyce and Raissa de Haas turned their hobby making drinks mixers and turn it into a flourishing business.

Five questions for... Rupert Rixon, MD, Perspective Pictures

Rupert Rixon

Perspective Pictures is a digital video agency in north London.

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