Soft commodities

Cash in on this commodity's coming price spike

One commodity has been in an up-trend for the last year. But conditions are ripe for a buying frenzy leading to a massive price-spike, says Frank Hemsley. Here, he explains why – and how you can cash in.

Grow your profits on a farm

Farmland may be the best low-risk investment over the next decade, beating bonds, cash and property, says Jonathan Compton. Here, he explains how to take advantage by investing in farms or farming-related businesses.

Back to the land

It wasn’t that long ago that owning a farm seemed a really bad idea. No longer. Farming is all the rage, with even loss-making farms having their uses, and money is pouring into the market.

Sugar will not look so sweet later this year

Sugar’s bull run – prices doubled in 2009 – will come to an end as low supplies encourage farmers to increase production.

Where commodities are heading next

Oil and metals led the sharp rebound in commodity markets this year, but that is unlikely to continue – agricultural commodities look more promising.

Rice is cooking again

Typhoons, poor monsoon rains and low stocks have forced rice prices up

How to profit from rising food prices

Soft commodity prices have lagged behind other commodities this year. But the sector is starting to pick up – and with the world’s population increasing fast, prices can only go one way in the long run. Here, John Stepek looks at the best ways to profit from the rising demand for food.

The banana wars are over

Europe and Latin America look set to declare a truce in their 16-year-old trade war over bananas, putting further downward pressure on prices. But who will benefit – and who will suffer? Simon Wilson investigates.

'Fantastic opportunities' in agriculture

With the global population set to grow to over 9bn by 2050, agricultural commodity prices are set to go in one direction only.

There's a grain shortage - here's how to profit

Agricultural commodities have been left behind in the big market bounce. But there are plenty of good reasons why they will soon be on the rise. John Stepek explains why, and looks at the best ways to cash in.

Five ways to profit from the new agriculture revolution

In the 1960s, new agricultural technology tripled crop yields. Now there is a second green revolution going on. Eoin Gleeson looks at the latest developments – and tips the five best ways to profit.

The next big moves in the commodities markets

Along with gold’s big bull run, many commodities have been making large moves lately, says Lee Lowell. Here, he looks at where commodities are headed next, and how you should play them.

The best way to invest in China

China is an alluring but dangerous market for investors in equities. Investment analyst Russell Napier talks to Jody Clarke about one alternative strategy for making money from China.

Farmland: the asset that's better than gold

For centuries, gold has been a hedge against economic crisis, inflation, or currency collapse. But there’s one asset that can outperform it, says Chris Mayer. Here, he looks at the returns you can get from agricultural land.

Good weather means bad news for grain prices

Favourable weather conditions have left price of grain depressed, with US wheat and corn futures down to two-and-a-half and two-year lows respectively.

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