Soft commodities

It’s a great time to buy this controversial commodity

Palm oil is a controversial industry. But for long-term investors, now looks like a good time to buy in. Lars Henriksson explains why, and picks seven stocks to consider.

Chart of the week: India’s onions reach eye-watering highs

A poor harvest has triggered a shortage of onions in India. Prices are almost seven times higher than in 2004.

Chart of the week: the West’s sweet tooth

Cocoa prices have jumped by around 25% since March, and there is scope for further gains.

A great time to own land in Argentina

Nervous investors have backed away from Latin America’s agriculture sector after food prices fell. But the sell-off is a great opportunity to buy in, says James McKeigue. Here, he picks the best way.

Soft commodity prices struggle to firm up

Prices of agricultural produce have continued to slide, with little hope of a recovery any time soon.

Profit from the global water shortage

The world needs more and more water, but the ready supply is drying up. Investors can profit as governments act, says James McKeigue. Here, he tips the best shares to buy now.

The price of sugar is about to rebound – here’s how to profit

With talk of global food shortages, most soft commodities have been in a bull market recently. Yet the price of sugar has plummeted. That is about to change, says Matthew Partridge. Here’s how you can profit.

The world needs more food - and Latin America is the place to invest

As the growing global population drives food prices ever higher, money is pouring in to boost farm productivity. One area in particular is set to profit – Latin America. James McKeigue explains why.

The best way to play rising food prices

The ‘commodities supercycle’ is coming to an end as China’s growth falters. But one part of the sector isn’t slowing, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Here she picks the best way to play the rise of ‘soft’ commodities.

We are facing a severe global food crisis, warns Jeremy Grantham

Respected fund manager Jeremy Grantham believes we are in a global food crisis that is only going to get worse, but offers some useful tips on to profit from the situation.

Food prices soar again

America’s worst drought for half a century has sent the price of agricultural commodities soaring, driving fears of higher food price inflation.

What spiking food prices mean for your portfolio

America’s worst drought in 50 years has sent the price of grain soaring. The effects will be felt by consumers and businesses worldwide. John Stepek looks at what it means for you and your investments.

Is food inflation set to spike?

Record heat waves affecting America’s corn crop may be about to push up Britain’s cost of living.

Soybean prices head for a new record

Strong Chinese demand is behind a sharp rise in the price of soybeans.

The bull market ruse that could destroy your investment

Buying exposure to agricultural commodities on the futures market can be a risky strategy, says Bengt Saelensminde. Here, he tips a far safer way to profit.

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