Soft commodities

We made a fortune with Cresud – let’s double up on Latin American agriculture

Now is still a great time to plough your money into Latin American agriculture. James McKeigue explains why, and tips one stock set to profit.

Chart of the day: Olive oil prices are soaring

The price of extra virgin olive oil has hit a seven-year-high following a bad harvest in southern Europe.

The meltdown in the cocoa price

Fears over a shortfall of cocoa now look to have been overdone as the price plummets.

Palm Oil: A storm in a Pot Noodle

Palm oil recently hit a five-year low, but the Chinese demand could see prices pick up.

Find your fortune on the farm

As a formidable bull market engulfs agricultural land, firms supplying farm equipment, seeds and sprays are set to soar. Jonathan Compton tips the best stocks to profit.

Chart of the week: Sugar high is wearing off

Rain has returned to Brazil following an unseasonally dry start to the year. That can mean only one thing for the price of sugar.

Chart of the week: Expect a cocoa crunch

Cocoa supplies have struggled to keep pace with the growing demand for high-quality chocolate in emerging markets.

The assets to buy now - March 2014

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? Here’s our monthly take on the major asset classes.

Chart of the week: coffee bubbles over

A drought in Brazil has sent the price of high-quality coffee soaring so far this year.

The assets to buy into now - January 2014

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? We give our monthly view on the major asset classes.

Cocoa prices: A chocoholic’s nightmare

A squeeze on the supply of cocoa has sent prices soaring.

Reap big profits from the farming revolution

Technological advances are transforming our farms. Matthew Partridge looks into the agricultural sector, and picks six stocks set to profit from the future of farming.

It’s a great time to buy this controversial commodity

Palm oil is a controversial industry. But for long-term investors, now looks like a good time to buy in. Lars Henriksson explains why, and picks seven stocks to consider.

Chart of the week: India’s onions reach eye-watering highs

A poor harvest has triggered a shortage of onions in India. Prices are almost seven times higher than in 2004.

Chart of the week: the West’s sweet tooth

Cocoa prices have jumped by around 25% since March, and there is scope for further gains.

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