Renewable energy

The future of energy – eight stocks to buy now

Four professional investors talk to John Stepek about profiting from energy production, and pick eight energy stocks to buy now.

How China could drive the 'green' energy revolution

China is now the world’s biggest energy consumer. It’s also the biggest polluter. But the country is investing heavily in cleaner energy sources, and last year built more wind turbines than anyone else. John Stepek explains what China’s embrace of green energy means for investors.

Profit from backyard 'green power'

The government is to meet its renewable energy targets by paying householders to generate electricity at home. But can you really make any money from such a scheme? It’s risky, says Merryn Somerset Webb, but the numbers do look good.

Profit from the power of the tides

The sea is the world’s largest untapped source of renewable energy. But harnessing it is difficult and costly. But now, with the backing of venture capitalists, governments and utilities, it may soon compete with other energy sources. Eoin Gleeson investigates, and picks the best bet in the sector.

One easy way to invest in green energy

Energy will always be a money-spinner for small cap investors, says Tom Bulford. Here, he picks one easy way to invest in innovative small-cap companies working in the renewable energy sector.

How green energy could power your profit growth

The world’s governments are backing the green energy cause, and pouring money into it. That means there’s profit to be made, say John Stepek and Eoin Gleeson.

Could water power be the solution to climate change?

When it comes to renewable energy plays, wind and solar power tend to draw the most attention, but hydroelectric power is still the world’s largest source of green energy.

Tap into China's renewables market

Despite the popular view of China as one of the worst contributors to climate change, the country is now a powerhouse for renewables. Nick Hanna explains how to tap into China’s green energy market.

The next big investment bubble - green energy

With the amount of stimulus money floating around – and human nature being what it is – we could easily end up creating another bubble. And ‘green’ energy is a prime candidate. John Stepek explains why.

Buy into the green boom

Governments have been bumping up their comitment to renewable energy. And whatever you think of their fanciful wind-powered targets, it makes sense to have a reasonable long-term holding in ‘green’ energy, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

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