Renewable energy

Clear up in the cleantech boom

James McKeigue on the new energy technologies that could transform the way we power our economies – and generate big profits for smart investors.

Profit from India's wind-power revolution

India is in desperate need of energy. And it aims to make up much of the shortfall with renewables. Here, Tom Bulford looks at one small-cap company that is poised to profit from India’s fast-growing wind energy sector.

Ten hot energy stocks to buy now

What is the future of energy, and where are the best investments to be found? John Stepek talks to MoneyWeek’s panel of experts, who tip the ten best energy stocks to buy now.

Gamble of the week: a harvester of renewable energy

As countries turn their backs on nuclear power, this harvester of renewable energy could be a great way to play the rise of wind and solar power, says Paul Hill.

The nuclear industry's woes are great news for solar stocks

Until recently, many people were predicting a renaissance for nuclear power. Japan’s Fukushima disaster has put paid to that. The only credible option for the future, says Paul Hill, is solar power. Here, he looks at the prospects for the industry.

The biggest winners from Osborne's 'green' budget

George Osborne’s Budget contained some groundbreaking changes to UK energy policy. James McKeigue examines the impact on the industry, and picks the sectors most likely to benefit.

Cash in on solar energy's bright future

Solar energy stocks have suffered a sell-off recently as governments have cut subsidies. But investors are wrong to be spooked, says James McKeigue. Here, he picks the best solar stock to buy now.

Two hot solar-power plays to buy now

The renewable energy industry has been underperforming recently as government subsidies have been cut and investors have worried about oversupply. But professional investor Joseph Wat thinks the sector has been unfairly neglected, and there is still plenty of potential for profit. Here, he picks two of favourite solar power plays.

The best play on renewable energy

‘Alternative’ energy is all well and good, but it can be unreliable. If there is no wind, the lights don’t come on. But ‘grid-scale’ power storage is evolving quickly. That will change the economics of the industry, says Nick Hanna. Here, he tips the best way to invest.

The most promising alternative energy plays

The credit crunch has hammered the renewable energy industry, with government subsidies drying up as austerity measures kick in. But there are still ways to make money from alternative energy. John Stepek looks at the best bets in the sector.

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