Collectables and alternative investments

Spread your risk with alternative investments

Alternative investments – anything from art to fine wine and vintage cars – can be both great fun and an enormous step towards diversifying your wealth and risk, says Bengt Saelensminde.

The return of Nazi loot

A deal between Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Art Foundation and the heir of a Jewish banker has put the issue of art stolen in the Nazi period back in the spotlight. Simon Wilson reports on why this case is so special, and what it means for the art markets.

Is wine worth a punt?

The Liv-ex 100 Fine Wine Index is up 9.5% over 12 months. So should you be piling into the fine wine market? Jody Clarke finds out.

Is art a valid refuge from inflation?

Gold is frequently cited as investors’ favourite safe haven. But what about art?

Why you shouldn't buy art as an investment

The contemporary art boom has proved itself to be just another bubble. And not before time, says Merryn Somerset Webb – art has everything you don’t want in an investment.

Tap into James Bond and Spiderman collectibles

This is not the time to be pouring your life savings into speculative investments, but if you’re keen to start a new hobby, comics and James Bond memorabilia are two examples of collections that you can can build up cheaply.

Why alternative investments are no investments at all

Wine, art and antiques may sound like good investment ideas, says Merryn Somerset Webb, but they’re not. They may very well be entertaining hobbies, but you shouldn’t be betting your financial future on whether people’s tastes will still favour Château de Chassily in a few years’ time.

Enjoy your hobby, but don't give up the day job

Alternative investments boomed in the heady days of easy credit. But can you really make a fortune with stamps, books and wine? For the vast majority, the answer is no.

Pop goes the art bubble

The economic crisis means it’s back to art for art’s sake as pieces fail to sell at auction. Buy it for love, not money, says Ruth Jackson.

Wine: it's for drinking, not investing in

Keeping wine can make an excellent hobby. But as an investment idea, it’s an expensive, illiquid non-starter.

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