Collectables and alternative investments

Is the art bubble about to pop?

We’re all aware of the sky-high prices many artworks can now command – but as top auction houses fail to shift apparently fail-safe bets, boom could be turning to bust, says Jody Clarke.

Is the art mania coming to an end?

Merryn Somerset Webb was shocked to discover that a sculpture she nearly bought for £3,200 five years ago recently sold for £356,000. Unfortunately, the days of such stratospheric gains seem to be over.

Why you won’t get rich by investing in art

There are bubbles everywhere – the question is: which one will pop first? It could well be the overheated, overhyped art market. And that’s no bad thing, says John Stepek.

Will your cellar mature in value as well as flavour?

Wine has been on a bull run since 2001, with the Liv-Ex 100 wine index up almost 160%. But could the credit crunch mean a bubbly end to the wine market?

Why buying stamps should be left to the experts

Stamps have done so well as an investment in recent years that philately group Stanley Gibbons has persuaded Bloomberg to carry stamp price indices on its terminals. But is it really such a great way to diversify your portfolio? To answer that question, you need to remind yourself why you invest in the first place…

Investing in wine: Wine matures as an asset class

There is a romantic notion about wine investment, which is that you can buy two cases of young wine so that you can drink one and sell the other to finance the purchase of another two cases. Sadly, though, it’s not much of an investment policy.

Should you crash the wine party?

The soon-to-be launched Wine Asset Managers may seem like a good idea for those who want to cash in on the wine bonanza of recent years but lack the expert knowledge. But investors should be wary.

Who's behind the global credit bubble?

The Bear Stearns hedge fund debacle is still weighing heavy on the market’s mind – but it’s not the only worry. From property to art (left) and wine, there are bubbles everywhere. And fear is growing…

Is your wine as fine as it looks?

It’s hard to fake wine, but easy to fake labels. And with ‘trophy’ wine sales soaring, forgers are becoming ever more sophisticated. So how can you spot a fake?

The best Bordeaux of 2006

Fresh from the most important wine tasting event of the year, resident wine expert Matthew Jukes picks the best that Bordeaux has to offer.

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