Collectables and alternative investments

Rhydian Lewis: The peer-to-peer pioneer

Rhydian Lewis revolutionised the lending industry with his peer-to-peer online lending platform, Ratesetter.

Six rules for spotting great art

Buying art can be a good investment as well as intrinsically rewarding. Sarah Ryan of New Blood Art looks at how to spot the artists with the most potential before they make it big.

Stamp out hopes of profits from philately

For many years now, people have been telling Merryn Somerset Webb that stamps are a brilliant alternative investment. For just as many years, she has been ignoring them. You should too.

Which 'Swag' assets should you buy?

As it gets tougher to profit from mainstream assets, many investors are turning to alternatives such as precious metals, wine and art. But which ones should you buy? Matthew Partridge investigates.

My top tips for getting great eBay bargains

If you know what you’re doing, you can find sterling silver at unbelievable prices on online auction sites. Bengt Saelensminde explains what to watch out for – and reveals a few tips on how to steal a bargain.

Gamble of the week: Post a profit with this stamp collector

The index which tracks Britain’s 30 rarest stamps has made impressive returns over the last 40 years. And you can make a play on this expanding sector with this stamp-selling stock, says Paul Hill.

A surprising alternative to gold

Stock market volatility sends people searching for safe havens for their money. And precious metals are popular investments, but with the meteoric rise in the price of silver, Bengt Saelesminde suggests how you can turn forgotten antiques into shining profits.

Have art funds had their day?

As prices for works of art soar, more and more people are trying to plug art investment funds. Last September there were only 12 active art funds across the globe. Now there are 41 in development. But should you buy in?

The art market is warning of a slump in China

China is now the main driver of growth in many sectors of the global economy, including the art market. Demand has driven auction prices ever higher. But now one indicator is warning of a slump ahead. John Stepek investigates.

A safe way to invest in fine wines

This year, the Liv-ex wine index is up 35%. Some top quality wines have outperformed even gold. And there’s no reason why you can’t ride this trend too, says Bengt Saelensminde. Here, he explains how.

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