Collectables and alternative investments

The profits at Pooh Corner

The most famous map in English literature is going under the hammer. Expect a scramble, says Chris Carter.

Wee dram, massive price tag

When you can call $600,000 a bargain, you know the price of rare whisky has gone ballistic, says Chris Carter.

The art market gets giddier

Art that fetched $27m in 2003 is now expected to fetch six times that. Can it be worth it?

The $2.88m baseball card rescued from a watery grave

Baseball cards that once sold for cents now fetch millions at auction. Chris Carter reports.

Profit from the game of kings

Chess sets come in all shapes and sizes – and some of them are very collectable, reports Chris Carter.

Investing in whisky: liquid profits on the blockchain

The whisky industry is steeped in history, but investing in the water of life has been brought up to date with P2P platforms and the blockchain.

Bill Gross: king of the philatelists

Bill Gross, the former bond king, still occupies another throne – but he’s about to abdicate, says Chris Carter.

The richest treasure asset

Prized first editions may look good on the book shelf, says Chris Carter. But for investor-collectors, that’s not where the real money is.

Meteorites: out-of-this-world investments

Money may not grow on trees, but it occasionally falls from the heavens. Chris Carter explains how to net it.

All’s fair in love and war

Pablo Picasso’s Femme au béret gets the auction season underway at Sotheby’s, says Chris Carter. But what’s more interesting than its sale price is what it says about its painter.

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