Tim Bennett

Tim graduated with a history degree from Cambridge University in 1989 and, after a year of travelling, joined the financial services firm Ernst and Young in 1990, qualifying as a chartered accountant in 1994.

He then moved into financial markets training, designing and running a variety of courses at graduate level and beyond for a range of organisations including the Securities and Investment Institute and UBS. He joined MoneyWeek in 2007.

Investment strategy

The 'relative strength indicator': A useful tool for timing trades

Knowing when to buy or sell an asset can be as important as knowing how cheap or expensive it is. Here, Tim Bennett explains the momentum indicator th…
3 May 2019
Personal finance

What are the share matching rules?

When it comes to selling shares, special tax rules apply that can trip up an unwary investor. Tim Bennett introduces HMRC's share matching rules in th…
15 Aug 2013
Personal finance

How capital gains tax works

Before you sell an investment, you need to think about the tax on any profits you make. In this video, Tim Bennett introduces capital gains tax.
1 Aug 2013

What is private equity?

Firms seeking new capital will often turn to private equity to get it. Tim Bennett explains why, and also why the industry has taken such a battering …
25 Jul 2013

What are depreciation and amortisation?

Investors can easily be bamboozled by accounting jargon such as depreciation and amortisation. Here Tim Bennett explains what these words mean and how…
18 Jul 2013
Personal finance

Steer clear of structured products

Complex financial products may sound like great buys. But as Tim Bennett explains, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
17 Jul 2013
Investment strategy

You can time the market – here’s how

While many investors dismiss trying to time the markets as a mug's game, it may be possible after all. Tim Bennett explains how using this simple tech…
15 Jul 2013

Who are the bond vigilantes?

A group of shadowy investors called the 'bond vigilantes' is said to be stalking central banks, ready to pull the plug on bond prices at any moment. H…
11 Jul 2013
Self select ISAs

A great new source of stocks for your Isa

From this autumn, you'll be able to tuck away shares quoted on London's small-cap market in your Individual Savings Account (Isa). That's great news, …
9 Jul 2013
Investment strategy

Should you follow insiders into stocks?

Before you rush in to investments on the basis that ‘insiders’ are buying, bear in mind three crucial tests, says Tim Bennett.
5 Jul 2013
Investment strategy

Should you invest a lump sum or drip your money in over time?

Investing in shares for the long term can be done two ways. You can invest one big lump, or regularly drip a series of smaller amounts in – ‘pound cos…
5 Jul 2013

How to value a company using discounted cash flow

Every investor should have a basic grasp of the discounted cash flow (DCF) technique. Here, Tim Bennett introduces the concept, and explains how it ca…
4 Jul 2013
Personal finance

A heartening decision for pension investors

A group of pension investors who set up schemes in Singapore will be cracking open the champagne. Tim Bennett explains why, and what their victory ove…
2 Jul 2013
Investment strategy

A simple way to stockpicking success

Taking a global approach to the 'Dogs of the Dow' investment strategy could yield big profits. Tim Bennett explains how it works, and reveals the mar…
28 Jun 2013

How to value a company using multiples

For investors wanting to do a quick and dirty check on whether a firm is cheap or expensive, multiples can be helpful. As part of his short series on …
27 Jun 2013
Investment strategy

The 'Hindenburg Omen': A portent of doom in the stock markets

The 'Hindenburg Omen' has appeared once more in the stock-market charts. Tim Bennett explains how it works, and what it means for your investments.
24 Jun 2013

How companies have juiced their lemons

Corporate profits in America may not have been as rosy as you've been led to believe, says Tim Bennett. That could spell trouble for stock markets.
21 Jun 2013

How to value a company using net assets

Following on from his "3 ways to value a company" video, Tim introduces the first method called the 'net assets approach'. Along the way he explains h…
20 Jun 2013
Investment strategy

What is the yield curve telling us?

Britain's steepening yield curve is just the thing to whip bankers up into a frenzy of excitement. But what is it, and what does it mean for you? Tim …
14 Jun 2013
Investment strategy

Only follow directors if they’re women

If you are going to base your investment decisions on the trading patterns of company directors, make sure they're women, says Tim Bennett
14 Jun 2013

Three ways to value a company

Valuing a company is more art than science. Tim Bennett explains why and introduces three ways potential predators and investors alike can get started…
12 Jun 2013

How investors can be fooled by development costs

Biotech and pharmaceutical investors, among others, need to watch out for the way firms treat the cost of developing new products, as this can have a …
6 Jun 2013
Investment strategy

How to beat your emotions when investing

As investors, we are our own worst enemies. We all think we are cleverer than we really are, and let our emotions get the better of us. Usually, we lo…
30 May 2013
Investment strategy

Can you trust this buy signal?

One of the stock market's more reliable valuation tools is suggesting stocks are a buy. But beware – while it may have worked in the past, relying on …
30 May 2013

How investors can be fooled by brands

Pick up two sets of accounts for similar firms and you may find radically different numbers. Tim Bennett explains why this happens, and what you can d…
30 May 2013
Investment strategy

How to bag a bargain when buying shares

Hunting for quality stocks in a troubled market can be fraught with danger. Here, Tim Bennett explains the fives tests that alert you to when a share …
23 May 2013

How investors can be fooled by long-term assets

In the third of his 'cooking the books' series of videos, Tim Bennett explains how investors can be fooled by the treatment of long-term assets, and o…
23 May 2013
Investment strategy

Beware of these three accounting tricks

There are many crafty tricks that smart directors can employ to flatter their reported profits, says Tim Bennett. Here, he describes three of the most…
17 May 2013
Personal finance

Tread carefully in the mortgage market

Tim Bennett rounds up this week’s personal finance news, including the reality behind the rising housing-market figures, and how to avoid getting flee…
17 May 2013

How investors can be fooled by provisions

Tim Bennett takes a look at how companies can manipulate what accountants call 'provisions' to create the profit profile they want investors to see. H…
16 May 2013

How you can be fooled by long-term contracts

There are lots of ways directors can make it look as though their company is more profitable than it is. Tim Bennett looks at one, and explains what y…
13 May 2013
Personal finance

Don’t be fooled by the scammers

Tim Bennett rounds up this week’s personal finance news, including the latest trick to con you out of you money, and why your European health card may…
10 May 2013
Investment strategy

Learn to be a judge, not a lawyer, when investing

Filtering out analysis that conflicts with our own judgments is one of the greatest hazards of investing. Here, Tim Bennett explains what you can do a…
9 May 2013
Investment strategy

How can you tell if a stock is cheap?

In seeking the best-value stocks, you may not think to use this lesser-known, yet successful ratio. Tim Bennett explains what it is, how it works, and…
9 May 2013
Investment strategy

Mantras from gurus can’t replace hard work

Some successful fund managers would have you believe making money from the markets is easy. But as Tim Bennett explains, there's no substitute for doi…
3 May 2013
Investment strategy

'Cape': MoneyWeek's favourite valuation ratio

The conventional price earnings (p/e) ratio is great for deciding how cheap a share is. But Tim Bennett is an even bigger fan of its variant, the cycl…
1 May 2013