Rupert Foster


China: Asia’s next success story

Ignore the gloomsters, says Rupert Foster. Growth will slow for now, but the economy is undergoing a healthy transition to consumer-driven growth. The…
15 Nov 2018
Emerging markets

Modi’s magic will power India for years to come

India looks ready to fulfil its long-term potential, says Rupert Foster. And Cris Sholto Heaton examines short-term risks in the financial sector and …
8 Nov 2018
Stock markets

Long road ahead for investors in self-driving cars

Electric vehicles (EVs) seem stuck in the slow lane. But the outlook for self-driving cars is compelling. Fasten your seatbelts: it’s going to be a bu…
5 Oct 2018

The slump in emerging markets is a great buying opportunity

Fears of another 1990s-style crisis are overblown: developing countries are now more resilient to external threats and less dependent on rich countrie…
2 Aug 2018
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How to cash in on the boom in cloud computing

Looking for the best way to invest in the inexorable rise of the world’s hottest technology businesses? You need to invest in the gatekeepers of the c…
24 May 2018
Stock markets

All hands on tech! China’s giants set sail for the wider world

Firms such as Alibaba and Tencent already dominate ecommerce in China – now they’re expanding their reach. Investors should back them – at least for n…
9 Feb 2018

Profit from the internet’s Magnificent Seven

Amazon, Google and Facebook aren’t the only winners in ecommerce and online media – savvy investors should also buy China’s big four to maximise gains…
1 Jun 2017
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Why investors should keep faith with India

Is India the last great growth story – or overhyped and doomed to disappoint? In the second part of our feature, Rupert Foster gives the positive side…
4 May 2017
Tech stocks

How to pick winners in the new media wars

Online media is set to bite into TV advertising revenue. But how to spot the game-changers in a sector awash with jargon and hype? Simple – go back to…
2 Mar 2017

Can Trump really make America great again?

The US has a new president unlike any other – what are the implications for investors of The Donald’s dominion? Rupert Foster reports.
19 Jan 2017
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China’s growth juggernaut will keep on trucking

I don’t believe in the Great Men theory of history, says Rupert Foster. But all China’s latest great man has to do to succeed is keep calm and carry o…
15 Dec 2016
Stock markets

Beat the crowd into Japan’s bull market

As the yen weakens, stockpickers and Chinese tourists will be eager to get back into Japan. Canny investors should be first in line, says Rupert Foste…
24 Nov 2016
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The four Asian markets to put your money on now

Taken together, Asia’s four fastest-growing economies are set to overtake Japan. If you’re after growth, forget the West and head East, says Rupert Fo…
6 Oct 2016

What will a blizzard of free cash mean for your wealth?

Central banks and policymakers are thinking the unthinkable – but will they do it too? And what will the consequences be? Rupert Foster reports.
17 Mar 2016

Why I’m still buying China

China is going through lots of change, but the overall outlook is still positive. Rupert Foster looks at the best Chinese-focused funds to profit.
20 Nov 2015

Vietnam: how to invest in Asia’s new powerhouse

Vietnam is powering ahead – smart investors will pile in while it’s still attractively priced, says Rupert Foster.
23 Oct 2015

Why you should keep buying broken China

The renminbi has dropped and markets are jittery – but a great long-term buying opportunity for Chinese equities lies ahead, says Rupert Foster.
20 Aug 2015
Stock markets

China: this crash is a buying opportunity

Investors should view this summer’s China stock crash as a good opportunity to invest, says Rupert Foster
29 Jul 2015
Stock markets

Why Japan has me trembling, but excited

Old Japan hands will have heard it all before, says Rupert Foster. But this time really is different. It’s time to buy Japan.
16 Jul 2015
Stock markets

There's a healthy correction in Chinese stocks, but long-term, the only way is up

China's stockmarket is down by 30% from its highs. But that’s “normal and good”, says Rupert Foster. And in the long term, there’s plenty of value in …
7 Jul 2015
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Get ready to buy Chinese stocks

The recent rally in Chinese stocks has raised fears of a bubble – but this is a bull market that’s only just beginning, says Rupert Foster.
18 Jun 2015
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Why you should buy China and quality financials

Professional investor Rupert Foster believes that there are some interesting opportunities to be found in Asia and in financials. Here, he picks four …
29 Aug 2008