Jack Dyson


Who's got the ear of our MPs?

A corruption scandal in the US has revealed serious flaws in the lobbying system of Congress. But are things over here any better?
3 Feb 2006

Will there be a US recession in 2007?

On the face of it, things look pretty good for the US economy. It weathered both hurricanes and high oil prices to produce its fourth consecutive year…
18 Jan 2006

What’s in store for world markets?

A global bull market in equities started in October of 2002 and still appears to be going strong. Can it last through 2006? There are bulls aplenty wh…
6 Jan 2006

What now for petrol prices?

The Buncefield oil depot explosion in Hertfordshire destroyed 5% of the UK’s petrol stocks. Could this lead to a petrol price rise? Maybe, but the pro…
21 Dec 2005
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Pearson is top of the class

George Bush’s activities have certainly done wonders for the share prices of defence firms in recent years. Now the market is wondering if his policie…
9 Dec 2005
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Don’t be dogmatic about investment strategies

For many investors, value and growth strategies seem diametrically opposed. With the first strategy, you look for undervalued stocks, comparing curren…
9 Dec 2005
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United Utilities: buy for the attractive dividend

United Utilities (UU, 658p) has a new CEO on the horizon, Philip Green, who is due to take over from John Roberts in March.
9 Dec 2005

Fund of the week: New Star Alpha does well out of merger boom

This year’s rash of merger activity has proved handy for Tim Steer, manager of New Star’s £268m UK Alpha fund, said Kathryn Cooper in The Sunday Times…
9 Dec 2005