Ed Bowsher

Ed has been a private investor since the mid-90s and has worked as a financial journalist since 2000. He's been employed by several investment websites including Citywire, breakingviews and The Motley Fool, where he was UK editor.

Ed mainly invests in technology shares, pharmaceuticals and smaller companies. He's also a big fan of investment trusts.

Away from work, Ed is a keen theatre goer and loves all things Canadian.

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Alternative finance

Equity crowdfunding: be an angel and back the next Facebook

Ed Bowsher has been using equity-crowdfunding platforms to invest in small businesses and start-ups since 2012. Here’s what he’s learned so far.
1 Jun 2018
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Don’t let Tesco put you off investing in retail stocks

Tesco is having a terrible time. But there are some attractive retail stocks out there, says Ed Bowsher. Here, he picks two of his favourites.
24 Oct 2014
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The P2P lending market is throwing up some exciting opportunities for investors

The peer-to-peer lending market is evolving fast. Ed Bowsher looks at some of the best ways for you to invest.
23 Oct 2014

The end of the death tax

Ed Bowsher looks at how the latest changes to the pension rules - the so-called ‘death tax’ - will affect you.
23 Oct 2014
Personal finance

Osborne’s pension revolution

Ed Bowsher looks at what the chancellor's far-reaching pension reforms could mean for your retirement pot.
17 Oct 2014

Buy small stocks – you have a big advantage

Ed Bowsher explains why small-cap stocks can give you a big advantage over City investors, and picks two of the best ways to buy in.
13 Oct 2014

Brazil looks a great investment – and a half-decent government would make it even better

Brazil could soon have a pro-business government. That's great news for investors. But whoever wins the election, there are plenty of reasons to inve…
7 Oct 2014

Buy India at a 13% discount with this fund

With a business-friendly government, a highly-educated middle class, and a young, growing population, the case for investing in India is strong. Ed Bo…
2 Oct 2014

The spectacular success of Alibaba is a massive warning to investors

Alibaba's flotation in the US was a big success. That's good news for its shareholders – but bad news for everyone else. Ed Bowsher explains why inves…
22 Sep 2014

Behavioural finance: How psychology affects investors

In this video, Ed Bowsher looks at 'behavioural finance' – the study of how our emotions and our psyches can affect our investments.
18 Sep 2014
Alternative finance

Crowdfunding round-up: Three of the most interesting listings right now

Ed Bowsher looks at three of the most interesting companies currently looking to raise money on crowdfunding websites.
16 Sep 2014
Stocks and shares

I like the look of Apple’s new phones – but are the shares worth buying too?

With new iPhones and a foray into 'wearable tech', these are exciting times for Apple. But is all the good news already in the price? Ed Bowsher takes…
11 Sep 2014
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The best way for investors to buy in to Alibaba

Chinese internet giant Alibaba is to list on the stock exchange. Private investors won't be able to buy in, but there is another way to play it says E…
8 Sep 2014
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A high-risk bet on the rise of mobile money

Mobile banking is set to be the next big thing. And a deal just signed means this small technology company could become a major player, says Ed Bowshe…
2 Sep 2014

Equity crowdfunding: you can invest in start-ups

In this video, Ed Bowsher explains how equity crowdfunding works as well as the risks and opportunities.
28 Aug 2014
Stocks and shares

This wildly expensive tech stock is a massive buy

Spending a billion dollars on a 'YouTube for gamers' is an awful lot of money, says Ed Bowsher. But it could end up being a very smart move.
27 Aug 2014

Don’t let fear make you miss out – China is good value right now

Emerging-market stocks are among the first to be cast off when investors turn fearful. But Ed Bowsher explains why it would be a mistake to turn your …
22 Aug 2014

How to make more money from your pension

In this video, Ed Bowsher looks at ‘pension recycling’. This is where you take money out of your pension pot, and then pay it back in, getting further…
21 Aug 2014
Personal finance

How to prepare for pension recycling

The most interesting aspect of the government's planned pension reforms involves 'pension recycling'. Ed Bowsher explains how it works.
19 Aug 2014

How to buy into China’s recent rally

China's recent stock-market rally is showing no signs of abating. Ed Bowsher tips the best funds to buy now.
19 Aug 2014

Why profit margins are really useful

In this video, Ed Bowsher explains how to calculate a company’s profit margin, why it is the best way to evaluate profitability, and how you can use i…
14 Aug 2014
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‘Don’t buy our sector’ says Aberdeen boss – but he’s wrong

The chief executive of Aberdeen Asset Management believes fund managers’ share prices are too high. But there are some good stocks in the sector, says…
11 Aug 2014

What effect will the iPhone 6 have on the Apple share price?

Apple is set to launch the latest version of its iPhone soon. Ed Bowsher looks at how it will affect the company’s share price, and whether you should…
8 Aug 2014
Investment strategy

A fantastic investment weapon for private investors

Ed Bowsher explains the 'secret weapon' that could help private investors generate excellent market-beating returns.
5 Aug 2014
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If this corporate giant breaks up, shareholders should prosper

The boss of pharmaceutical giant GSK has hinted the company could be split in two. That would be great news for shareholders, says Ed Bowsher.
29 Jul 2014
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Should you invest in Tesco?

Ed Bowsher asks if the appointment of Dave Lewis as its new CEO means you should go out and buy Tesco shares.
28 Jul 2014
UK Economy

Cameron’s reshuffle: cowardice or sound tactics?

Cameron's demotion of Michael Gove was either the mark of a 'disloyal weakling' or a canny and successful political move.
25 Jul 2014

How the West can win in Ukraine

The West needs to engage with Russia, and avoid pushing Vladimir Putin into a corner.
25 Jul 2014

Don’t chase Neil Woodford to his new fund – here’s why

If a star fund manager switches funds, should you move too? The answer might surprise you, says Ed Bowsher.
22 Jul 2014
Stocks and shares

Tesco gets a new boss – but it’s not time to buy yet

Tesco may be making changes at the top, but the supermarket giant will struggle to return to its glory days, says Ed Bowsher.
21 Jul 2014

Why Gove had to go

David Cameron's cabinet reshuffle has proved controversial ahead of next year's general election. Ed Bowsher reports.
18 Jul 2014

Why hedge funds can be good news

Hedge funds perform a valuable service by weeding out overvalued shares. In this video, Ed Bowsher explains some of the things they look for when they…
18 Jul 2014

Neil Woodford may be a star fund manager – but he’s wrong about tobacco stocks

Star fund manager Neil Woodford recently revealed that of his top ten holdings, three are tobacco stocks. But that doesn't mean you should follow his …
14 Jul 2014

Good news for investors – Europe’s banking crisis is back

The latest eurozone crisis – sparked by trouble at Portugal's Banco Espirito Santo – could prove an opportunity for smart investors, says Ed Bowsher.
11 Jul 2014
Investment strategy

Lend to a landlord or fund a wind farm? You can do it all with crowdfunding

With crowdfunding and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, you can invest in all kinds of projects. Ed Bowsher looks at three promising opportunities.
8 Jul 2014
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A guide to the all-new Nisa

The Isa’s new incarnation, the Nisa, is a big improvement. Used wisely, it will shield even more of your money from the taxman. Ed Bowsher explains wh…
3 Jul 2014