The GT: a McLaren you can take shopping

The GT, McLaren's new grand tourer, has softer edges than its predecessor. But it won’t disappoint supercar enthusiasts. 

McLaren GT

McLaren has unveiled a new kind of tourer, says Andrew Frankel in Autocar the GT. It is a "lighter, more dynamic, more, er, McLaren-y kind of grand tourer" than McLaren's previous attempt the 570GT. "Gorgeous" and "rapid" though it was, the 570GT fell short of expectations. Punters said they wanted a car like that, "but even more so".

McLaren GT interior

The GT uses "an updated version of McLaren's carbon tub and a tweaked version of the familiar 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8" engine, says Richard Ingram in Auto Express. "There's a new steering set-up, new brakes, and new tyres, too", and there's a whole new look to the brand. "While it's still instantly recognisable", the GT "offers a more restrained style, with a longer body and more elevation". That makes life easier when you're "pootling around town". The GT is most at home on the motorway, yet "when the road gets windy, the McLaren comes alive. The new electro-hydraulic steering has a beautiful weight to it, feeling darty yet easy to control via the chiselled, perfectly formed wheel."

"In the end, how you judge the GT is a question of philosophy," says Jethro Bovingdon in Evo. "If you think a grand tourer is front-engined and all about big, muscular character then this thing is not for you. However, I came to enjoy its mix of restrained supercar aesthetic, fluid dynamics and ultra progressive handling balance."

Price: £163,000Engine: 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8Torque: 465lb ft at 5,500rpmPower: 612bhp at 7,500rpmTop speed: 203mph0-62mph: 3.2 seconds

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