SMEs shun cloud computing

Nearly 60% of SMEs have yet to begin using cloud computing services. It’s important that they do.



Nearly 60% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have yet to begin using cloud computing services (where software and other technology is accessed online rather than installed on company premises), according to research by financial-services group Close Brothers. One problem is a lack of understanding: 73% of senior decision makers at SMEs said they did not know enough about what cloud computing entails. Security is also an issue: 36% feared they could not trust cloud solutions.

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It's important that SMEs now overcome these hurdles, for cloud computing can level the playing field as they compete against larger rivals with deeper pockets. The pay-as-you-go model employed by cloud platforms means SMEs do not have to make large upfront investments in technology installations, while they also receive ongoing tech support. When they need to upgrade or acquire greater computing power that can be done automatically.

As for the security issue, many large businesses have now taken the view that cloud computing providers are better equipped to deliver higher standards of cyber security. So the need for enhanced security might be an argument for switching to cloud, rather than an impediment.



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