Niniette 66: Bugatti’s Bond-worthy superyacht

Supercar-maker Bugatti's limited-edition Niniette 66 yacht is just the ticket for seagoing super-villains.


Bugatti, the French-based supercar-maker and subsidiary of Volkswagen, has teamed up with yacht-maker Palmer Johnson to produce the Niniette 66: a carbon-fibre sports-yacht inspired by the design and excess of its £2.1m, 261-mph Chiron hypercar. It is named after company founder Ettore Bugatti's youngest daughter Lidia, who went by the pet name of Niniette.

The 66-foot yacht is perfect for the super-villain who has everything, says Sean Evans in Men's Health. It has a 2.7-foot draft, perfect for visiting the shallow waters of the Cayman Islands to launder your dirty money, and boasts more than enough bling to make all your super-villain friends green with envy.

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The Niniette is driven by a 16.2 litre, 1,000-horsepower Man V8 engine, which powers the boat to a top speed of 44 knots (just over 50 mph). A 1,200-horsepower version that will hit 48 knots is also available.

The price is only available on request, but is rumoured to be around the $4m mark. The only real question, says Evans, is whether you should really buy one of the 66 that will be built. Because, with a rumoured 80-footer on the drawing board, "who wants to have the smaller Bugatti superyacht? How gauche".

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Length: 66' (20m). Draft: 2.7' (0.83m). Engine: 16.2 litre V8. Power: 1,000HP. Top speed: 44 knots (50mph). Price on application.



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