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You have to hand it to Tanners – this esteemed company kicked off the MoneyWeek Wine Club with the best selling Christmas offer to ever grace these pages. It is clear that people love this company and its dynamic palate. Returning with a summer collection, I was immensely impressed when I worked through their wines, picking out six beauties for al fresco entertaining. It is not only the flavour of these wines that catches my attention but the value of every bottle, too. I know just how hard it is to track down wines with true character and élan these days and to do it with alarming regularity, around the twelve quid mark, is incredible. Two whites, one rosé and three reds make up this month’s tasting case, which is where I would urge you to start. Thereafter you can order full cases of your favourites! See the full collection here.


Matthew Jukes

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Prices and savings below are exclusive to MoneyWeek readers and are based on ordering a case of 12 bottles. You can also buy a mixed case, giving you two bottles of each wine, for just £140,  saving you £10.50. You’ll enjoy FREE UK delivery on all orders. Offer ends 2 August 2018.

2017 Château Argadens Blanc2017 Château Argadens Blanc, Bordeaux, France

£11.90 £11

Made by the Sichel family, this wine offers grand drinking at a highly competitive price. Made from 65% sauvignon blanc and 35% semillon and taking advantage of generous amounts of oak, this is a classically dimensioned white Bordeaux which loads citrus and patisserie notes onto the palate but maintains thrilling balance from the off. Perfumed like a Loire white but built like a Burgundy, this wine has all manner of attributes, yet we choose to go to New Zealand or Chile for our sauvignon blanc hit, ignoring the class and experience found right under our noses. One sip will change your mind forever.

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2017 Mâcon-Vergisson, Les Rochers, Domaine Guerrin & Fils, Burgundy2017 Mâcon-Vergisson, Les Rochers, Domaine Guerrin & Fils, Burgundy, France

£12.40 £11.45

I wrote up the 2016 version of this wine before Christmas and the main thrust of my recommendation centred around the extraordinary value for money found in this succulent white Burgundy. I would venture that this 2017 is an even fresher and brighter model than the impressive 2016. The chardonnay fruit is lithe and toned and there is little oak to slow it down on the palate. In the absence of stock of 2017 Chablis on our market, this is certainly going to be a wine that will be under attack from keen Burgundy fiends very soon. Luckily you get to read about it here first!

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2017 Le Mescladís Rosé, Domaine Clavel, Pic Saint-Loup, France 2017 Le Mescladís Rosé, Domaine Clavel, Pic Saint-Loup, France

£11.95 £11

Pic Saint-Loup is famous for its moody, pensive, earthy reds, and so when selecting a rosé from these environs you can be assured of a wine with a little more grunt and attitude than you find in the airy, pink wines from the Riviera. While the colour is pale and demure, the fruit is anything but. I have chosen this wine because it is a little more structured and characterful than the Provençal versions and this makes it an awful lot more foody and versatile. Think nothing of drinking this with full-bore BBQ fare or complex tapas. Basically, when a Provence pink blushes and storms off in a huff, Le Mescladís takes over.

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2016 Chénas, Rémi Benon, Beaujolais, France 2016 Chénas, Rémi Benon, Beaujolais, France

£12.70 £11.75

You must hunt this wine down.  There is often a rush to drink these ebullient Gamays before they have truly blossomed and this sometimes takes two or three years. Benon’s charming Chénas looked fit and tidy last year but there was still some tension and acidity on the finish, giving it an angular shape which I was not looking for. Twelve months later it is a fruity, silky, pure and smooth Gamay at its peak of drinking. Chillable, or not, as you wish, this is a beautiful, melodic wine which will appeal to every palate imaginable.

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2017 Domaine Boudau, Le Clos, Côtes du Roussillon, France2017 Domaine Boudau, Le Clos, Côtes du Roussillon, France

£11.90 £11

There must be some sort of trick going on with this wine because it is not yet a year old but it is already incredibly smooth and velvety. Roussillon reds are often marked by their gruffness and belligerence, but Le Clos is so welcoming and genial it is unnerving. Granted it is still a dark, smooth, pure and densely fruited wine but there is no trace of tannin whatsoever. The ripe fruit rolls on to a seamless finish and it leaves you with a silly grin on your face. I cannot think of a finer match to a barbecued chop or rib, assuming you are not slathering it in sauce (that wine is coming up next)!

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2015 Cline Cellars, Syrah, Sonoma County, California 2015 Cline Cellars, Syrah, Sonoma County, California

£14.40 £13.30

Helmets on, buckle up, this is a monster. I visited Cline many moons ago and was struck by the fact that their wines have never really changed recipe since the dawn of time. Thunderous spice, raucous fruit intensity, joyous carpentry and rippling shanks, this is a Zinfandel-like Syrah with loud and proud fruit and I absolutely adore it. Clearly, its food-matching dream is a flame-grilled, brontosaurus burger drenched in chipotle sauce, so if you are up for it, this wine will devour you and the burger in the blink of an eye.

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