Woodford reveals his full portfolio

Star fund manager Neil Woodford recently revealed the top ten holdings in the new Woodford Equity Income fund.

Now he’s gone one step further and announced the holdings in full on his fund website. Woodford intends that this will be updated every month.

It will come as no surprise that large-cap pharmaceutical stocks are among the favourites.  AstraZeneca and GSK are the top two holdings, at 8.3% and 7.1% of the fund respectively. Other big firms from the sector include Roche, Sanofi, Novartis, and Prothena which together make up 9.9% of the portfolio.

As my colleague Ed Bowsher remarked earlier today, Woodford is a big fan of tobacco stocks (not a view that Ed shares). In fact, tobacco makes up over 18% of the portfolio.

He’s also keen on government outsourcers, with G4S, Serco and Capita making up 4.96%, and on traditional utilities – Drax, SSE, and Centrica come in at 4.9% of the portfolio.

Further down the list come quite a few small-cap pharmaceutical and biotech stocks, including ReNeuron, Retroscreen Virology, e-Therapeutics, Oxford Pharmascience, and 4D Pharma.

Biotech is  a hot topic at the moment, and my colleague Matthew Partridge recently picked a couple of interesting small-cap biotech stocks that are looking in to the new generation of antibiotics.

And earlier this year in MoneyWeek magazine, he looked at the opportunities available to investors in stem-cell research. If you’re not already a subscriber, get your first four copies free here.

Here’s the full list of the stocks in the Woodford Equity Income Fund.

1 AstraZeneca Healthcare 8.3%
2 GlaxoSmithKline Healthcare 7.1%
3 British American Tobacco Consumer goods 6.2%
4 BT Telecommunications 6%
5 Imperial Tobacco Consumer goods 5.3%
6 Roche Healthcare 3.9%
7 Imperial Innovations Financials 3.6%
8 Reynolds American Consumer goods 3.6%
9 Rolls-Royce Industrials 3.5%
10 Capita Industrials 3.4%
11 Allied Minds Financials 2.9%
12 BAe Systems Industrials 2.9%
13 HSBC Financials 2.8%
14 Sanofi Healthcare 2.3%
15 Legal & General Financials 2.1%
16 Novartis Healthcare 2%
17 Centrica Utilities 2%
18 AA Consumer services 1.9%
19 SSE Utilities 1.8%
20 Reckitt Benckiser Consumer goods 1.8%
21 Philip Morris International Consumer goods 1.8%
22 Prothena Healthcare 1.7%
23 Next Consumer services 1.7%
24 Altria Consumer goods 1.3%
25 Smith & Nephew Healthcare 1.3%
26 BTG Healthcare 1.2%
27 Provident Financial Financials 1.1%
28 Drax Utilities 1.1%
29 Alkermes Healthcare 1%
30 Gagfah Financials 1%
31 G4S Industrials 0.97%
32 RM2 International Industrials 0.93%
33 Redde Financials 0.90%
34 Utilitywise Industrials 0.62%
35 Serco Industrials 0.59%
36 Meggitt Industrials 0.59%
37 Lancashire Financials 0.58%
38 Velocys Oil & gas 0.55%
39 e-Therapeutics Healthcare 0.54%
40 Vernalis Healthcare 0.49%
41 ReNeuron Healthcare 0.48%
42 Cobham Industrials 0.48%
43 Burford Capital Financials 0.44%
44 Catlin Financials 0.43%
45 Benchmark Healthcare 0.43%
46 Amlin Financials 0.43%
47 4D Pharma Healthcare 0.43%
48 Oxford Pharmascience Healthcare 0.35%
49 Revolymer Basic materials 0.31%
50 Hiscox Financials 0.31%
51 Beazley Financials 0.29%
52 Gigaclear Telecommunications 0.29%
53 Paypoint Industrials 0.25%
54 Homeserve Industrials 0.09%
55 Retroscreen Virology Healthcare 0.09%
56 Xeros Industrials 0.07%
57 NetScientific Healthcare 0.05%
58 IP Financials 0.04%
59 Circassia Healthcare 0.03%
60 Stobart Industrials 0.03%
61 Cranswick Consumer goods 0.01%

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