Biotech – the red-hot, high risk investment story

The alchemists

Five firms that are transforming themselves to earn bigger profits

  • The battered old coins that are worth a pretty penny

Biotech - the red-hot, high risk investment story

Biotech stocks have been booming over the last few years. Anyone who has invested will have made some very respectable profits. And it's a bull market that's set to continue for some time yet.

The pharma price-gouging scandal

Pharmaceutical companies have hit the headlines for hiking prices for life-saving drugs by shocking amounts. What’s going on? Simon Wilson reports.

The race to commercialise our DNA

The race to development and sell gene-editing procedures will be as exciting as the race into space, says Nick O’Connor.

Three promising sectors for 2017

Max King tips a host of funds in various sectors to do well in the forthcoming year.

Lilly fails Alzheimer’s test

Eli Lilly’s new treatment has proved ineffective in late-stage trials – yet another blow for a struggling sector, says Ben Judge.

Who will prosper under Trump?

Now that the markets have got over the shock of a Trump victory in the US presidential election, David C Stevenson looks at which funds to buy.

Earn a 3.5% yield from healthcare

David C Stevenson looks at the best healthcare and biotech investment trusts to tuck away in your portfolio.

Novo Nordisk: Pharma giant takes a tumble

Novo Nordisk shocked investors by slashing its growth forecasts. The new CEO faces a tough start, says Ben Judge.

Neoevolution with gene-editing

Gene-editing puts mankind in control of its own evolution. People are going to become increasingly creative with this technology, says Nick O’Connor.

The wrath of man

Mankind continues to push back the boundaries of what is medically possible, says Nick O’Connor. It is quite possibly the greatest undertaking in human history.

How we can profit from winning the battle against ageing

We’re now living longer than ever – only to suffer from diseases of old age. New therapies promise a new lease of life for the elderly – and big profits for investors, says Matthew Partridge.

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