Biotech – the red-hot, high risk investment story

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Biotech - the red-hot, high risk investment story

Biotech stocks have been booming over the last few years. Anyone who has invested will have made some very respectable profits. And it's a bull market that's set to continue for some time yet.

How we can avoid the antibiotics apocalypse

As bacteria become resistant to current antibiotics, the race is on to create new compounds. Investors who back winning providers stand to make big gains, says Andrew Lockley.

Three long-term investment ideas for the brave

Professional investor Rebecca O’Keeffe looks at three long-term investment ideas – biotech, Indian equities, and smaller companies – and picks the best ways to invest in each.

Four promising biotech stocks to buy now

The recent correction in biotech stocks was overdone, says professional investor Dr Daniel Koller. Here, he picks four biotech companies to buy now.

Pfizer-Allergan megadeal combines Botox and Viagra

US drug giant Pfizer is to buy Ireland-based Allergan for $168bn, setting a new record for a merger in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Gene editing: a cut-and-paste cure for cancer

Recent advances in the field of gene editing open up a multitude of exciting medical possibilities, says Simon Wilson. But the moral implications should be carefully monitored.

Invest in the future: five game-changing technologies

Over the past 15 years, technology has revolutionised industries across the globe. Matthew Partridge looks at what will shape the next 15.

Chart of the week: biotech spawns a monster

Valuations in the Nasdaq Biotechnology index have soared in recent years. But have we already seen the top?

Two biotech stocks to buy in the arms race against bugs

With antibiotic resistance costing the US healthcare system $20bn a year, there’s profit in battling bugs. Matthew Partridge looks at the problem and picks two biotech stocks to buy.

The biggest threat to modern medicine could be a big opportunity too

A crisis is looming which threatens to undermine the basis of modern medicine. As Matthew Partridge explains, that creates opportunities for drugs companies and investors.

A bubble in the biotech sector?

Growth-starved investors have piled into the Nasdaq in recent years, swelling the exchange’s biotech index.

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