Biotech – the red-hot, high risk investment story

Biotech stocks have been booming over the last few years. Anyone who has invested will have made some very respectable profits. And it's a bull market that's set to continue for some time yet.

This company could have made a breakthrough in cancer treatment

The best way to improve cancer treatment is early diagnosis. And this small-cap biotech company may have the key to doing just that, says Matthew Partridge.

A revolutionary new cancer treatment – and the blue-chip stock set to benefit

A new kind of cancer therapy could make a big difference to survival rates – and transform the fortunes of one big UK drugs company. Matthew Partridge explains.

How to invest in the battle against ageing

As life expectancy increases, pharmas and biotechs pioneering treatments for the diseases of old age will profit handsomely, says Matthew Partridge.

What we can learn from Neil Woodford’s new portfolio

The list of holdings in Neil Woodford’s new fund can teach investors a lot about how to construct a portfolio, says David Thornton.

How you could profit in the hunt for new antibiotics

The number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is rising fast. But the search is on to find new drugs to combat them. Matthew Partridge explains how you could profit.

Drug company deals give markets a shot in the arm

A spate of merger deals between Big Pharma stocks has given the flagging sector a much-needed boost.

Biotech slump is buying opportunity

Biotechnology stocks have fallen into a bear market, leaving plenty of bargain buys on the table.

Biotech’s three biggest innovators

Investors can find a wide range of profitable stocks in the biotech sector. Professional investor Dr Daniel Koller tips three to buy now.

The battle against the bulge

Expanding waistlines are a global health epidemic. Smart investors should fill their boots with the firms that will profit, says Matthew Partridge.

Profit from stem cells - a great leap forward for medicine

From better drug testing to growing whole new organs – stem cell research is leading to some big investment opportunities. Matthew Partridge tips the best stocks to profit.

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