Biotech – the red-hot, high risk investment story

Biotech stocks have been booming over the last few years. Anyone who has invested will have made some very respectable profits. And it's a bull market that's set to continue for some time yet.

This Oxford University spin-out could be floated on the stockmarket

This tiny university spin-out company has developed two ingenious new uses for ultrasound. David Thornton looks at its prospects.

Chart of the week: The biotech bubble

The Nasdaq Biotechnology index has risen almost sixfold in the past ten year. In the past five, it has quadrupled.

Three of the best biotech stocks to buy now

Biotechnology firms are benefiting from demand from ageing populations. But as Dr Daniel Koller explains, there’s more to the biotech boom than that.

Tiny healthcare companies make the biggest medical breakthroughs

AstraZeneca’s interest in a small biotech firm is a reminder of why tiny drug companies are so important, says David Thornton.

Britain's leading fund manager's new start-up fund has got it right – almost

Neil Woodford’s new start-up fund will get plenty of hype, says David Thornton. But penny share investors should buy this stock instead.

Three biotech stocks to buy as the sector comes of age

Investment manager Carl Harald Janson tips three biotech stocks to profit from the full range of opportunities this exciting sector has to offer.

Why 2014 has been a ‘breakthrough year’ for gene therapy

The field of gene therapy struggled at first – to the point where some doubted it altogether. But 2014 saw some outstanding successes, says Tom Bulford.

This could be the most important scientific breakthrough in our lifetimes

Science is only just getting to grips with the fact that 90% of our body is made up of bacteria – the microbiome. Bengt Saelensminde investigates.

I met a very interesting man last week

Stephen O’Hara’s biotech company Optibiotix aims to profit from the ‘human microbiome’. David Thornton explains what that is, and what it means for investors.

An exciting future for tech stocks

We live in a golden age of unprecedented technological change. Smart investors should get in early, says Jim Mellon.

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