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Supermarkets aren’t to blame for suppliers’ woes – the smartest ones are thriving

Supermarket suppliers would have you believe the retailers are driving them out of business. But they’ve nobody to blame but themselves, says Bengt Saelensminde.

Should we embrace the shareholder activists?

Activist investors have made the headlines recently, but what do activists do? And are they a help or hindrance in the long run? Piper Terrett investigates.

Rolls-Royce issues another profit warning

This week FTSE 100 engineering giant Rolls-Royce issued its fourth profit warning in less than 18 months. What’s gone wrong, and is it worth buying?

Barclays gives its boss the boot

Barclays has fired its CEO Antony Jenkins after three years on the job. He will be replaced by the chairman, John McFarlane, on an interim basis.

Five of Britain’s best-known $1bn ‘unicorn’ companies

Britain is currently home to more ‘unicorn companies’ than any other country in Europe. Natalie Stanton looks at five of the best.

Here’s why Britain’s tedious runway debate really matters for investors

A report into airport expansion has recommended a new runway in southeast England. Matthew Partridge looks at the best way for investors to cash in.

Markets: FTSE 100 slides further

The FTSE 100 continued its decline yesterday, falling a further 1.5% to close at 6,520. June’s 6.6% slide was the worst monthly performance since May 2012.

Aim has been a dud for investors – but there are still bargains

The Alternative Investment Market hasn’t performed so well for investors in its 20-year life. But it does contain some hidden gems. Matthew Partridge explains what to look for in an Aim stock, and picks two that promise great things.

The FTSE’s good cheer won’t last

The FTSE 100 jumped by 1.5% after the Conservatives’ unexpected election victory last week. But don’t expect the euphoria to last.

Markets are taking a beating – how far will they fall?

The world’s stockmarkets have seen some big falls in the last couple of days. Dominic Frisby looks at what’s happening, and which markets in particular to avoid.

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