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Another tough year ahead for equities?

Last year wasn’t good for equities. And 2016 has started badly too, with poor Chinese data causing a global slide, and the FTSE 100 having its worst start to a year since 2000. So what’s next?

Three turnaround plays and the hapless CEOs facing the sack

Matthew Lynn looks at which FTSE CEOs are likely to be out of work by next Christmas.

The two biggest winners from the Autumn Statement

From an investment point of view, there were two big winners from the Autumn Statement, says Alex Williams.

Aldi and Lidl hit the big boys

Discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl have reached an unprecedented combined grocery market share of 10%.

The merger boom is good news for bankers – but it’s a red flag for you

The $100bn AB Inbev/SABMiller tie-up is the latest deal in the current mergers boom. And while it might be proving a bonanza for bankers and lawyers, it’s not so good for investors, says Matthew Partridge.

Narendra Modi courts the diaspora

India’s prime minister Narendra Modi will address a crowd of 60,0000 British Indians at Wembley Stadium.

A first date with China – but who will end up paying the bill?

Britain and China are making all the right noises. But as Rupert Foster explains, they’re setting themselves up for disappointment.

Looking for value? You’re unlikely to find it in stocks

Western markets are jammed with expensive stocks, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Maybe it‘s time to retreat to cash.

Bull or a bear market? It doesn’t look good

The stockmarket slide has been sudden and violent. But is this a true bear market, or just a blip as stocks head ever higher? Dominic Frisby looks at the evidence.

The ten most-hated shares in the FTSE

These are London’s ten most-hated shares, judged by the percentage of stock being shorted.

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