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Phones go dead at Phones4U

The blame game has begun after the mobile phone retailer fell into administration.

Chart of the week: Even the past is murky to economists

The Office for National Statistics has revised its GDP data going back to 1998, giving a different picture of the 2000-07 boom.

Great news if you’re invested in the FTSE

A weakening pound will be a great boon for British companies small and large. Bengt Saelensminde explains why.

What’s Tesco’s dividend cut tells us about the future for stocks

Don’t bet Tesco’s dividend cut is a one-off, says Matthew Lynn. There could be much more to come.

Company in the news: Tesco

Supermarket giant Tesco has slashed its dividend. Phil Oakley explains what that means for investors.

Strong pound dents FTSE 100 profits

The strength of sterling has hit sales and earnings at many London-listed companies.

Mark Carney’s colleagues may be losing patience with him – here's what this means

Interest rates could start to rise whether the governor of the Bank of England likes it or not. Matthew Partridge explains why, and what it could mean for you.

Rupert Murdoch’s expanding empire

The media mogul is going on an $80bn shopping spree to grow his media empire. There’s a big global media shake-up going on, says Simon Wilson.

Strong pound sits heavy on dividends

Growth in dividend payouts to UK investors has slowed to a crawl because of the strength of the pound.

ETFs that ‘buy low, sell high’ for you

Traditional stock market trackers can leave you exposed to bubbles, says Paul Amery. But there is a better way to track indices.

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