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Narendra Modi courts the diaspora

India’s prime minister Narendra Modi will address a crowd of 60,0000 British Indians at Wembley Stadium.

A first date with China – but who will end up paying the bill?

Britain and China are making all the right noises. But as Rupert Foster explains, they’re setting themselves up for disappointment.

Looking for value? You’re unlikely to find it in stocks

Western markets are jammed with expensive stocks, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Maybe it‘s time to retreat to cash.

Bull or a bear market? It doesn’t look good

The stockmarket slide has been sudden and violent. But is this a true bear market, or just a blip as stocks head ever higher? Dominic Frisby looks at the evidence.

The ten most-hated shares in the FTSE

These are London’s ten most-hated shares, judged by the percentage of stock being shorted.

British firms lavish cash on investors

UK firms paid out £29.2bn in dividends in the second quarter, a new record for the April-June period.

Supermarkets aren’t to blame for suppliers’ woes – the smartest ones are thriving

Supermarket suppliers would have you believe the retailers are driving them out of business. But they’ve nobody to blame but themselves, says Bengt Saelensminde.

Should we embrace the shareholder activists?

Activist investors have made the headlines recently, but what do activists do? And are they a help or hindrance in the long run? Piper Terrett investigates.

Rolls-Royce issues another profit warning

This week FTSE 100 engineering giant Rolls-Royce issued its fourth profit warning in less than 18 months. What’s gone wrong, and is it worth buying?

Barclays gives its boss the boot

Barclays has fired its CEO Antony Jenkins after three years on the job. He will be replaced by the chairman, John McFarlane, on an interim basis.

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