Japanese stock markets

Japan’s surprise recession

Japanese stocks remain a good bet despite the unexpected contraction in the country’s growth.

Stick with Japan – there’s more good news for investors to come

Japan may be officially in recession. But its prime minister and central bank really will do ‘whatever it takes’ to get its economy back on track. John Stepek explains.

Judge less and buy more

Riding a wave of money printing isn’t the best reason to buy stocks, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But who are we to argue?

Stick with Japanese stocks

It’s been a tough year for the country, but an expanded QE programme and a falling oil price mean investors should stay put, says John Stepek.

An urgent message from Japan’s central bank – buy Japanese stocks now!

Japan’s quantitative easing programme is the biggest in the world. And it just got bigger. That’s great news for Japanese stocks, says John Stepek.

Japan hits a speed bump

Japan’s rampant stockmarket growth has slowed to a crawl this year.

Timely lessons from Tokyo

Some asset classes are looking wildly expensive , says John Stepek, Investors should keep to the script and look for value.

Stick with Japan – the quiet recovery will continue

Japan’s stock market has been quietly recovering – it’s now near a seven-year high. But there’s more to come. John Stepek looks at what’s behind the rise.

Ignore Japan’s economic data shocker – it’s still a buy

Japan had a terrible last quarter. But John Stepek’s not worried. Here’s why he’s happy to stick with his Japan investments.

Chart of the week: The human cost of stagnation

The rising fortunes of the Japanese economy can be seen in the country’s declining suicide rate.

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