Japanese stock markets

Timely lessons from Tokyo

Some asset classes are looking wildly expensive , says John Stepek, Investors should keep to the script and look for value.

Stick with Japan – the quiet recovery will continue

Japan’s stock market has been quietly recovering – it’s now near a seven-year high. But there’s more to come. John Stepek looks at what’s behind the rise.

Ignore Japan’s economic data shocker – it’s still a buy

Japan had a terrible last quarter. But John Stepek’s not worried. Here’s why he’s happy to stick with his Japan investments.

Chart of the week: The human cost of stagnation

The rising fortunes of the Japanese economy can be seen in the country’s declining suicide rate.

A change for the better in Japan Inc

Japan has unveiled a new index showcasing the 400 most shareholder-friendly companies.

Time to go hunting for undervalued gems in Japan

Japan is at a new turning point – it’s time to buy in. David C Stevenson tips the best funds to buy now.

Why a £2,000 watermelon is great news for Japan

Just like watermelons, Japanese stocks have a long way to go yet. John Stepek explains why.

Japan is due a comeback

Japanese stocks have had a tough time so far this year. But don’t write off a rally.

Japanese stocks remain a buy

Foreign investors may be unnerved, but there’s still much to like about Japanese stocks.

Stick with Japan – there’s plenty of good news to come

Japan’s stock market has had a poor start to the year, after being the world’s best-performing market in 2013. But it’s not run out of steam yet, says Matthew Partridge.

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