Emerging markets

Time to get out?

Phil Oakley on how to spot toxic stocks before it's too late

Trump’s Cuban missile crisis

The Trump administration is attempting a balancing act on North Korea – and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Brazil: keep an eye on reforms

In the past few years, Brazil ’s economy has not been an auspicious backdrop for equities, yet the market has almost doubled to a six-year high since early 2016. So is the rally justified, and can it endure?

The biggest surprise of 2017 so far

Donald Trump’s protectionism, inflationism, and macho attitude were supposed to be terrible for emerging markets. But that hasn’t happened. John Stepek explains why, and what investors can learn.

Clouds over South Korea begin to lift

The impeachment of Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s first female leader, could prove a major opportunity for Asia’s fourth-largest economy.

Four top emerging-market investment trusts

Emerging-market indices skew towards Asia, and especially China, Korea and Taiwan. So forget passive index hugging, says Max King, try these four broad-based EM funds instead.

Philippines' Duterte distracted by drugs

Since being elected president of the Philippines last May, Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs has overshadowed his tenure.

Emerging markets: trading on borrowed time?

The MSCI Emerging Markets index has reached its highest level in 18 months. Can it last?

Chart of the week: Russia will get back on course

Russian stocks have slid recently, but the outlook remains favourable. The economy has stabilised and is slowly emerging from recession; there is ample scope for the central bank to stimulate the economy; and the market is still cheap.

Emerging markets pick up steam

The MSCI Emerging Markets index has gained almost a tenth since 1 January, while its developed-market counterpart is up 5%.

Mexico will have the last laugh as Trump builds his wall

Mexico will suffer if Trump’s plans to crimp trade come to fruition. But the country has its own hand to play. Smart investors should buy in now, says James McKeigue.

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