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Markets: FTSE 100 continues to slide

The FTSE 100 continued its fall yesterday, close down a further 1.2% at 6,112.

Markets: FTSE 100 continues to slide

The FTSE 100 continued to slide yesterday, falling a further 0.9% to close at 6,185.

Here’s your next big investment bubble: robotics

Robotics is the “next big thing”. It’s following the classic path for boom and bust, says John Stepek. But it’s not something you can ignore. Get in at the right time, and you could make a fortune.

Markets: FTSE 100 ends the week on a low note

The FTSE 100 went into the long weekend on a low note on Friday, sliding 1.3% to close at 6,241.

The revolt against executive pay

Once again, shareholders are up in arms about the soaring pay of underperforming bosses. Might they force change this time? Simon Wilson reports.

Feeling brave? Then head to the frontier

Investing in frontier stocks is of course risky, says Sarah Moore. But these two markets could hold rewards for the brave.

A rocky ride in emerging markets

Emerging-market stocks represent decent long-term value. But as David C Stevenson explains, it’s time to tread carefully.

Why the US Federal Reserve is winning the battle of the central banks

Central banks are desperately trying to control the markets – and some are finding it difficult. But not the US Federal Reserve. John Stepek explains why the Fed has the easiest job in central banking.

British profit warnings at post-crisis high

A headwind for British equities may be gathering strength: corporate profit warnings have reached their highest level since the financial crisis.

Pakistan’s impressive progress

After years of upheaval, Pakistan is making impressive progress, and appears to offer plenty of potential for investors.

What could spook this ageing bull?

America’s bull market is on track to become the second-longest running. How much longer can it last, asks Andrew Van Sickle.

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