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Stocks: the MoneyWeek view

July 2015: The FTSE struggles Stockmarkets slid in June – the FTSE 100 was a notably poor performer, down over 5%. We don't believe that stocks offer exceptional value, but think they are the least worst option. Some markets, such as Japan, remain relatively cheap.

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FTSE 100 continues to regain ground

The FTSE 100 built on Wednesday’s gains to climb 38 points higher to 6,669.

China: this crash is a buying opportunity

Investors should view this summer’s China stock crash as a good opportunity to invest, says Rupert Foster

Markets: FTSE 100 bounces back

The FTSE 100 halted its slide and bounced back yesterday, climbing 0.8% to close at 6,555.

Markets: FTSE 100 continues its slide

The FTSE 100 fell further yesterday, sliding 1.1% to close at 6,505.

Three reasons to invest in the new cornerstone of Asian trade

Asia’s retail market is transforming, and with it the continent’s logistics business. Astute investors should get exposure, says Lars Henriksson.

What the Chinese stockmarket crash means for your money

Chinese stockmarkets have seen huge losses recently. So are they on the verge of collapse? Or could we be at the start of a long bull market? John Stepek investigates.

Markets: FTSE 100 continues its slide

The FTSE 100 continued its slide on Friday, falling a further 1.1% to close at 6,579.

Supermarkets aren’t to blame for suppliers’ woes – the smartest ones are thriving

Supermarket suppliers would have you believe the retailers are driving them out of business. But they’ve nobody to blame but themselves, says Bengt Saelensminde.

Should we embrace the shareholder activists?

Activist investors have made the headlines recently, but what do activists do? And are they a help or hindrance in the long run? Piper Terrett investigates.

Chart of the week: the end of America’s buyback boom

A downturn in profit growth has put paid to America’s share buyback frenzy.

Markets: FTSE 100 slips further

The FTSE 100 slipped further yesterday, falling 0.2% to close at 6,655.

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