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Stocks: the MoneyWeek view

October 2015: We continue to favour European and Japanese stocks on a long-term view, since these markets offer better value than the US. We're optimistic about emerging markets, including Brazil, on a long-term view, although the risks are high and they will always be volatile.

Markets: FTSE 100 continues to climb

The FTSE 100 continued to climb yesterday, adding a further 0.8% to close at 6,374.

Markets: FTSE 100 extends Monday’s gains

The FTSE 100 extended Monday’s gains yesterday, adding a further 0.4% to close at 6,326.

Markets: mining and energy stocks continue to lift FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 began the week as it ended the last, being driven up by resource stocks, The index closed up 2.8% at 6,298.

Looking for value? You’re unlikely to find it in stocks

Western markets are jammed with expensive stocks, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Maybe it‘s time to retreat to cash.

Alex Perry: The 'misery myth' that’s corrupting Africa

The aid industry has infantilised the whole African continent. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author Alex Perry.

The assets to buy now - October 2015

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? Here’s our monthly take on the major asset classes.

The US dollar’s surge is over for now – here’s what it means for you

The state of the American economy means US interest rates won’t be going up anytime soon. That’s halted the dollar’s bull run. John Stepek explains what it means for investors.

Markets: resource stocks continue to lift FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 ended the week on a positive note, pushed up by mining stocks. The index closed up 1% at 6,129.

MoneyWeek podcast: how aid is ruining Africa

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author Alex Perry about how the global aid industry is corrupting the continent of Africa and holding it back from realising its vast potential.

Alex Perry: Africa could thrive, if only the aid industry would let it

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Alex Perry about the opportunities in Africa’s vibrant, innovative economy – and the corrupting influence of the global aid industry.

Volkswagen: what went wrong?

Volkswagen has been rocked by revelations that it cheated in its US emissions tests. Matthew Partridge looks at what went wrong at the German car maker.

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