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Stocks: the MoneyWeek view

July 2014: Be very, very careful Stocks are getting pricey - choose carefully. Japan, still reasonably valued, is our favourite developed market. Emerging markets outperformed between April and June 2014, and the gap between the forward p/e ratio in developing and developed stocks is at an eight-year high.

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Global markets roundup, 29 July

The FTSE 100 edged slightly lower yesterday slipping three points to close at 6,788.

Rupert Murdoch’s expanding empire

The media mogul is going on an $80bn shopping spree to grow his media empire. There’s a big global media shake-up going on, says Simon Wilson.

Strong pound sits heavy on dividends

Growth in dividend payouts to UK investors has slowed to a crawl because of the strength of the pound.

Is merger mania back?

It’s the busiest first half-year for mergers and acquisitions since the height of the credit bubble in 2007.

Guru watch: A last gasp for stocks

US stocks will end up in ”a fully fledged bubble”, says Jeremy Grantham of GMO.

Tread carefully in the debt market

Investors are bingeing emerging market debt. But this ‘irrational exuberance’ could result in a nasty hangover

Markets shrug off politics

Despite the recent escalation of the Ukraine crisis following the downing of flight MH17, markets have bounced back.

Indonesia’s new reformist leader

Joko Widodo may have won Indonesia’s presidential election, but reforming the economy won’t be easy.

Our upside-down world where emerging markets reign supreme

David C Stevenson has been cautiously bullish on emerging markets since the end of last year. Now it seems that more mainstream investors are coming around too. Here, he picks the best funds to buy.

Should you worry when a CEO leaves without reason?

One of David Thornton’s investment rules of thumb is that you must be wary when a CEO goes for no obvious reason.

What I learned about Russia as manager of an East European fund

With Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin in the news, David Thornton, former manager of an East European investment fund, reflects on his experience of the country and the man.

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