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May 2015: Follow the printed money In developed markets, pick regions with a tailwind provided by central banks – ie Europe and Japan, where equities are still reasonably valued, and the earnings outlook has improved. In emerging markets, go for countries such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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Markets: FTSE 100 edges higher

The FTSE 100 added a little to Wednesdays gains yesterday, climbing 0.1% to close at 7,013.

Markets: FTSE 100 edges higher

The FTSE 100 added a little to Wednesdays gains yesterday, climbing 0.1% to close at 7,013.

What the 3D printing bubble can teach us about tech investing

3D printing may change the world one day, says Dominic Frisby. But right now, it’s just another hyped-up technology going through the usual cycle of boom and bust.

Markets: FTSE 100 edges over 7,000

The FTSE 100 edged higher yesterday, climbing a further 0.2% to close at 7,007.

Markets: FTSE 100 makes modest gains

The FTSE 100 rose slightly yesterday, despite the economy entering deflation for the first time in 50 years. The index rose 0.4% to close at 6,995.

We made a fortune with Cresud – let’s double up on Latin American agriculture

Now is still a great time to plough your money into Latin American agriculture. James McKeigue explains why, and tips one stock set to profit.

Markets: FTSE 100 ends the week on a disappointing note

The FTSE 100 ended the week on a disappointing note on Friday, slipping 0.2% to close at 6,960.

Saudi Arabia : A new frontier for stocks

The Saudi Arabian stock exchange – the largest in the Middle East, with some of the region’s biggest companies – is to finally open to foreign investors.

The FTSE’s good cheer won’t last

The FTSE 100 jumped by 1.5% after the Conservatives’ unexpected election victory last week. But don’t expect the euphoria to last.

FTSE 100 closes higher after a poor start

The FTSE 100 built on Tuesday’s modest gains yesterday, rallying after a poor start to the day. The index rose 0.3% to close at 6,973.

Stocks swoon as bonds slump

Jitters have begun to affect stocks following the recent bond-market slump.

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