It's election time – hang onto your wallet

Who will win the general election? And what will it mean for you and your money? John Stepek and Matthew Partridge report.

The great inheritance-tax giveaway

David Cameron’s proposal to reduce inheritance tax on many properties is controversial. But does the way we tax inherited wealth need an overhaul anyway? Simon Wilson reports.

Osborne's lifetime allowance plans are deeply unfair

Given the state of Britain’s finances, you might think Osborne’s cut to the lifetime allowance is reasonable, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It isn’t.

What Budget 2015 means for you (assuming George survives the election)

George Osborne has laid his cards on the table with his final Budget of this government. John Stepek explains what that means for your money.

Budget 2015: bribes for first-time buyers and savers – you’d think there’s an election coming

Kam Patel looks over the pre-election sweeties the chancellor handed out in his last Budget before the election.

The Budget 2015 – live update

Chancellor George Osborne is making his annual statement on the Budget today at 12:30 in the House of Commons. Follow the latest developments here.

Portugal: The ultimate tax shelter for your pension

Pensioners desperate to hoard every last penny from the taxman should consider retiring to Portugal. Merryn Somerset Webb explains why.

Nine key moves to watch out for in Wednesday’s Budget

Wednesday’s Budget is George Osborne’s last chance to impress the voters before the general election. Here, John Stepek looks at nine things to look out for.

Prepare for tax hikes

Britain is growing – but the tax take isn’t. Why not? And what does it portend? James Ferguson reports.

Unpicking the dividend tax tangle

Dividend tax rules can appear among the most daunting, says Cris Sholto Heaton. But the upshot of many of these rules are simpler than you think.

The great corporate tax dodge

President Obama wants America to clamp down on businesses avoiding their taxes. Can he succeed? And how big a problem is it anyway? Matthew Partridge reports.

End is nigh for index huggers

Ever more funds have started to publish their ‘active share’ scores. Merryn Somerset Webb explains why that’s great news for investors.

Taking the stress out of self-assessment

The annual self-assessment deadline is once again upon us. Matthew Partridge offers some tips for making your tax return pain-free.

Inheritance tax: Turning a dream into hard cash

George Osborne has come up with some clever ways to hobble inheritance tax, says Merryn Somserset Webb.

Osborne’s vote-winner: stamp duty changes

Stamp duty changes in the Autumn Statement haven’t made houses more affordable, says John Stepek. But it’ll go down well with voters.

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