The great corporate tax dodge

President Obama wants America to clamp down on businesses avoiding their taxes. Can he succeed? And how big a problem is it anyway? Matthew Partridge reports.

End is nigh for index huggers

Ever more funds have started to publish their ‘active share’ scores. Merryn Somerset Webb explains why that’s great news for investors.

Taking the stress out of self-assessment

The annual self-assessment deadline is once again upon us. Matthew Partridge offers some tips for making your tax return pain-free.

Inheritance tax: Turning a dream into hard cash

George Osborne has come up with some clever ways to hobble inheritance tax, says Merryn Somserset Webb.

Osborne’s vote-winner: stamp duty changes

Stamp duty changes in the Autumn Statement haven’t made houses more affordable, says John Stepek. But it’ll go down well with voters.

Autumn Statement: Osborne overhauls stamp duty, Isas and pensions

Kam Patel examines the main points of George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, in which he revamped stamp duty and made changes to Isas and pensions.

Growing deficit is Osborne’s big headache

George Osborne has left himself very little room for pleasant surprises in his Autumn Statement tomorrow, says Kam Patel.

Four crucial tips for holiday-home buyers

With the ski season upon us, you may be thinking of buying a holiday home abroad. But before you do, Matthew Partridge lists four things to look out for.

Is £2m enough to buy a London mansion?

Former pop star Myleene Klass has taken Ed Miliband to task over his plans for a mansion tax. Is she right? Matthew Partridge reports.

Higher property taxes will cool the housing market

Property taxes must rise regardless of who wins the next election. That will weigh on the housing market, says Merryn Somerset Webb. You just have to look at London.

A handy way to dodge inheritance tax

Thanks to changes in the pensions rules, you’ll soon be able to pass your pension fund directly to your heirs. Merryn Somerset Webb explains.

This change to the pensions death tax is huge – here’s all you need to know

George Osborne has announced more big changes to the pensions system. Merryn Somerset Webb explains what they are, and how they will affect you.

Even if you want higher taxes, Labour’s mansion tax is a really stupid idea

Ed Miliband’s proposed mansion tax is a ridiculous idea, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It is impractical, expensive to collect, and will lead to a whole lot of unintended consequences.

Is the end nigh for pension tax relief?

Changes will happen to pension tax relief says Merryn Somerset Webb – whoever wins the next election.

Marriage is good for your wealth

Getting hitched affects everything from your tax bill to the estate you leave your heirs. Matthew Partridge explains.

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