Why we need to radically reform inheritance tax

Merryn Somerset Webb’s proposed changes to inheritance tax have proved divisive. Here, she explains why the objections are groundless.

Should inheritance tax be abolished?

The debate over whether to scrap inheritance tax has gathered pace.

How to avoid inheritance tax

Merryn Somerset Webb explains how you could avoid paying tax on your estate – and earn yourself a nice long-term income at the same time.

Tax the inheritors, not the workers

Those who earn their money shouldn’t have to pay more tax than those who inherit it, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Budget measures you may have overlooked

Changes to Isas and pensions have hogged the headlines. Matthew Partridge runs through some over areas you may have missed.

Get a step ahead of the taxman

With spring arriving, tax may be the last thing on your mind. However, with a bit of thoughtful and intelligent planning you can make sure you don’t end up paying more tax than you have to. Matthew Partridge looks at the best ways to save tax-free.

Budget 2014: what you need to watch out for

Tomorrow’s Budget will be George Osborne’s last before the general election. Ed Bowsher looks at what we might hear from the chancellor.

The threats to the rich

Our leaders – both elected and non-elected – are planning to have a go at the personal finances of anyone they consider to be even vaguely rich.

Tax-efficient ways to pay school fees

The total cost of a private education at day school for two children comes in at £400,000 Here, Merryn Somerset Webb explains how to pay school fees in the most tax-efficient manner.

What to expect in the Autumn Statement

Ed Bowsher makes his best guesses on what we are likely to hear in George Osborne’s Autumn Statement.

Learn to stop worrying about inheritance tax

While it’s getting ever harder to avoid paying inheritance tax, Merryn Somerset Webb explains why most of us don’t need to worry.

Maximise your returns by minimising your taxes

The key to successful investing is to minimise your costs. Here are a few pointers to help you keep your tax bill to a minimum.

Land value tax - the best of all possible taxes

A land value tax is not just an excellent tax, it is the best tax possible, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But only if it is the only tax in town.

How to minimise inheritance tax

Rising inheritance tax has caused a stir among home-owners. Merryn Somerset Webb explains what you can do to cut down the bill.

Should you be filing a self-assessment form?

If you earn a high salary and have children, you may need to fill in a self-assessment form or risk being fined. Merryn Somerset Webb explains.

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