The alchemists

Five firms that are transforming themselves to earn bigger profits

  • The battered old coins that are worth a pretty penny

Should you incorporate your business?

If you’re self-employed, now is the time to ask yourself if your business is set up in the best possible way, says David Prosser.

Time to file your tax return

There’s only a few weeks left to get your tax return in. Ruth Jackson runs through what you need to know.

Slash your capital gains tax bill

Emma Lunn explains how property sellers can limit the amount of capital gains tax they have to pay.

Would you want your children as landlords?

One alternative to equity release is to gift your home to your children. But beware, says David Prosser – there are several pitfalls.

Stamp duty's effect on Britain's property market

The rise in stamp duty is having an effect on the London property market. But what about house prices in the rest of the country?

The £635m tax dodge that went wrong

Hundreds of sports stars and celebrities will be receiving million-pound bills after the failure of a tax-avoidance scheme. Simon Wilson explains how it was supposed to work.

Higher-rate taxpayers: start your own pensions austerity drive

Higher-rate taxpayers whose pension pots aren’t at the lifetime allowance should put every penny they can into their pension before the chancellor abolishes tax relief, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

How to avoid stamp duty

The new rules on stamp duty have muddied the waters. Sarah Moore explains what they mean, and how you can cut your tax bill.

Will Philip Hammond sort out the rich’s pension problems?

People don’t think the rich have suffered under austerity. But they’ve been hit with plenty of stealth tax rises, says Merryn Somerset Webb – especially on their pensions.

How Britain is squeezing the rich

The taxman has a specialist department for going after the rich and shaking them down for more cash. How has it been doing? Simon Wilson reports.

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