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Osborne targets the 'Tory taboos' of buy-to-let landlords and non-doms

The smashing of two Tory taboos in the Budget will have long-term consequences for Britain’s housing market, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Budget verdict: not too bad

George Osborne may not have delivered the radical Budget we dreamt of, says Merryn Somerset Webb, but there was still quite a lot to approve of.

The summer Budget: what it means for you

George Osborne’s summer Budget was more eventful than we’re used to. John Stepek goes through the measures, and looks at what they will mean for you.

What the summer Budget means for the UK economy

George Osborne announced a lot of headline grabbing measures in his summer Budget. Matthew Partridge explains what they mean for the wider economy.

Here’s what to expect from the Budget – and what we hope to get

Merryn Somerset Webb looks at what we know we’ll get in George Osborne’s emergency Budget, and adds a few extra things that we’d like to see him deliver.

What to expect from the post-election Budget

George Osborne is shortly to deliver his first all-Conservative post-election Budget. Matthew Partridge explains what to look out for.

The case for taking an axe to tax credits

With £12bn of welfare cuts on the horizon, tax credits look set to take the hit. What are they? And what effect will slashing them have? Matthew Partridge reports.

Britain’s tax policy is sending the wrong message to the young

The vagaries of Britain’s tax system threaten to lead a generation into unproductive careers, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The Queen's Speech: the most important points for investors

The government has set out its plans for the coming parliament. John Stepek looks at the most important points covered in the Queen’s Speech.

The return of the mansion tax

If you thought the Conservatives’ election victory meant the death of the mansion tax, think again, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

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