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Pass on your pension without paying inheritance tax

The 2015 pension reforms make it easier for you to ensure your heirs avoid inheritance tax when you die
29 Jan 2020
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The return of the wealth tax

The changing political climate, particularly in the US, has put the idea of wealth taxes back on the agenda. But does this make economic sense?
9 Nov 2019
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One example of the madness of our inheritance tax rules

Our system of inheritance tax is needlessly complicated, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Here, she outlines one way in which the well-off could save over £…
14 Oct 2019

Prepare for big changes to inheritance tax

Inheritance tax – Britain’s most detested tax – is set for an overhaul.
17 Jul 2019
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Boris Johnson and the sugar tax

Our probable new prime minister wants to scrap the levy on sugary drinks introduced by some of his predecessors. Would that be a good move?
13 Jul 2019
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Inheritance tax: just abolish the entire thing

Why not abolish inheritance tax and replace it with a gift tax on the recipients of unearned cash – wherever it comes from?
11 Jul 2019

Passing on your pension when you die

Your pension can be a valuable part of inheritance-tax planning, says David Prosser.
3 Apr 2019
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Inheritance tax fears for pensions

A landmark court case could bring certain pensions under the inheritance tax umbrella.
2 Nov 2018

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Beware: executors are liable for inheritance tax

Make sure you’re up to date on the responsibilities that come with being an executor before you agree to take on the role.
1 Jun 2018
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A foolproof way to avoid inheritance tax. Or is it?

It is possible to pass on a lot of money to your heirs and pay no inheritance tax. But the plan has some rather large flaws, says Merryn Somerset Webb…
14 May 2018
UK Economy

Tax the living, not the dead

We should abolish inheritance tax, says Merryn Somerset Webb, and replace it with a gift tax, paid at the recipient’s tax rate.
1 May 2018
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Brace yourself for the painful blow of IHT

HMRC doesn’t make paying an inheritance-tax bill easy, says Ruth Jackson. Make sure you know how the process works.
6 Apr 2018
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Passing on the perks

Private pensions can be a good way of sheltering assets from inheritance tax. David Prosser explains.
6 Apr 2018
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Investments that help cut inheritance tax

Investing in companies that qualify for business property relief can reduce costs when your estate is passed on. Richard Beddard selects seven of the …
26 May 2017
Inheritance tax

Probate fees: a new back-door property tax

The dramatic rise in probate fees is a sneaky way for the government to tax residential property, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
7 Mar 2017
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Would you want your children as landlords?

One alternative to equity release is to gift your home to your children. But beware, says David Prosser – there are several pitfalls.
23 Dec 2016
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How to duck death taxes

Your estate might be rather smaller than the Duke of Westminster's, but there are ways you can reduce your inheritance tax bill too. David Prosser exp…
9 Sep 2016

How the Duke of Westminster dodged IHT

When the Duke of Westminster died recently, he left behind a vast estate – much of it exempt from inheritance tax. How so? Simon Wilson explains.
21 Aug 2016
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Four ways to cut your IHT bill

Natalie Stanton explains how you can manage your finances later in life to ensure your family isn’t charged more than necessary when you die.
12 Aug 2016
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Abolish inheritance tax and replace it with something better

Inheritance tax is unfair and full of loopholes, says Merryn Somerset Webb. We should replace it with a gift tax.
18 Apr 2016

Three reasons to value tax privacy

High-profile calls to make everyone's tax return public knowledge are a mistake, says Matthew Lynn. We will miss tax privacy once it's gone.
16 Apr 2016

How you can benefit from David Cameron’s tax planning moves

The number of people liable to pay inheritance tax is getting steadily larger. So if you've not been planning for it, you really should start. John St…
12 Apr 2016
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Don’t fall foul of this inheritance-tax trap

The seven-year rule inheritance tax rule is well known, says Sarah Moore. But there is also a related 14-year rule which is less widely understood.
30 Oct 2015
UK Economy

The great inheritance-tax giveaway

David Cameron’s proposal to reduce inheritance tax on many properties is controversial. But does the way we tax inherited wealth need an overhaul anyw…
17 Apr 2015

Cutting inheritance tax on homes is nuts – it’s just going to make the housing crisis worse

We need to persuade old people to downsize, and free up family homes for younger people. But the Tories’ latest inheritance tax plan will do exactly t…
17 Mar 2015
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Cut inheritance tax to 10% and make everyone pay it

Slashing inheritance tax would come with two significant benefits, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
22 Oct 2014
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A simple solution to inheritance tax

We get so caught up in fiddling with our a tax system. But as this simple idea for reforming inheritance tax shows, all we really need to do is simpli…
16 Apr 2014
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How to avoid inheritance tax

Merryn Somerset Webb explains how you could avoid paying tax on your estate - and earn yourself a nice long-term income at the same time.
10 Apr 2014
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What is inheritance tax?

Tim Bennett explains how inheritance tax works, and highlights the main ways you can reduce the bill.
4 Nov 2011
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Tax dodge of the week: avoid French inheritance tax

Whilst French IHT thresholds may look generous, succession laws dating back to Napoleonic times mean that, if you're not careful, the surviving spouse…
26 Nov 2007