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Pensions are changing. Old-style defined-benefits pensions are disappearing. State coffers are running dry. And the government is constantly fiddling with the pensions rules. A comfortable retirement is by no means guaranteed.

So now more than ever it’s vital that you build up a healthy pot of money that you can draw on to fund your retirement. At MoneyWeek, we can help you do that. Not only accumulating your pension pot throughout your working years, but also making sure it produces the income you need to enjoy your retirement.

How to make Pensions Freedom Day work for you

At MoneyWeek, it’s OUR goal to help you use your pension freedoms to help secure your financial future. But to make the very most of these changes, and enjoy these newfound freedoms, you need to understand what’s going on.

So we’ve put together a FREE report, ‘Pensions Freedom Day’ to help you find financial freedom to go on to pursue whatever other dreams or ambitions you have in life. We’ll show you how!


Pensions freedom: How to make sure scammers don’t steal your nest egg

Pensions Freedom Day signalled open season for scammers intent on tricking the unsuspecting out of their pension pots. Kam Patel looks at how to stay safe.

Pensioners: don’t get fleeced twice

Annuity holders looking to take advantage of their new freedom should be extra careful. Merryn Somerset Webb explains why.

Three pension traps for the unwary

Pensions Freedom Day is upon us, and you’re right to be excited, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Just watch out for these three pitfalls.

Latest articles on pensions

A novel way to beat loneliness in retirement

The Older Women’s Co-Housing (OWCH) project is building a community to look out for one another – not after one another.

Hang on to that final-salary scheme

Why would you give up a gold-plated final-salary pension for an inferior money-purchase scheme, asks David Prosser.

Make sure your pension savings outlast you

Thousands of retirees have taken advantage of the new pensions freedom rules. But as David Prosser explains, it’s vital to make sure you don’t run out of funds.

FTSE in “critical technical zone”

London trader © Getty images

Things are getting complicated for UK stocks, says Dan Denning. And if you thought your retirement prospects were bad, spare a thought for the millennials.

The women’s pensions crisis

The gender gap between men and women when it comes to expected retirement income widened again last year. Natalie Stanton reports.

May urged to ditch the triple lock


The prime minister has been urged to ditch the expensive triple lock pensions guarantee. Natalie Stanton reports.

Your house is no substitute for saving for your pension

Money house © Getty images

Putting too much weight on using your house to pay your retirement costs is unlikely to be wise, says Natalie Stanton.

Shop around for enhanced annuities

Natalie Stanton explains why when it comes to enhanced annuities it pays to do your research.

How to transfer pensions

Woman giving financial advice © iStock

There are times when you may want to switch your pension or pass it on to your family. Natalie Stanton explains.

State pensions provider set to expand

Nest monster © DWP

Nest – the government-backed retirement scheme provider – could be set greatly to expand its role in pensions provision, says Natalie Stanton.

From 6 April 2015, you have been able to do whatever you like with your pension money. John Stepek explains the changes, and what you should do with your pension pot.