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We've just launched a new publication designed to help you understand, anticipate and protect your wealth. It's called the London Investment Alert. And we think it will be essential reading over the coming years.

London Investment Alert is put together by a team of financial experts based in London, headed up by defensive investing expert Tim Price. It's designed specifically to give you the insights and analysis you need to survive the next financial crisis.

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Grow your wealth – and play golf at the weekend

If you want to safeguard your wealth in the long-term, but you don't want to give up your freedom in the short-term...

We'd like to introduce you to a strategy we reckon you can rely on – it's called Lifetime Wealth.

It doesn't demand huge amounts of time, experience or capital – and it could make all the difference when it comes to your financial future.

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Bland Stephen Bland has spent the last seven years developing a hugely successful long-term investment strategy, called the 'high yield portfolio' (HYP). The aim of the HYP strategy is to identify shares that will pay out large dividends forever - no matter what happens to the markets.

Now, with The Dividend Letter, you can find out which shares will provide you with an easy income for life.

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Tim_price Tim Price is an award-winning private asset manager, a brilliant economic commentator, an expert in defensive investing and a true City insider. He will show you multiple ways to protect and grow your money in the turbulent times ahead.

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Mike Tubbs

Dr Mike Tubbs is without doubt one of the most successful investors in the history of our business.

He's worked at director level on the inside of huge global companies – such as Battelle, Lucas, BICC and Xerox – heading up their R&D departments.

And it was there, working in these classified departments, where he first developed his valuable strategy… uncovering a 'hidden signal' that seemed to trigger a company's growth.

Now, Dr Tubbs uses all his experience and contacts to run a successful investment advisory service called 'Research Investments'… with the support of his dedicated team, he's sharing with his readers the companies that could be next to make dramatic rises in price.

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simon-popple Metals & Miners editor Simon Popple is a man with more than 50% of his life savings in a niche of the gold market that's rarely mentioned in the media.

According to Simon, it could be set to outperform – and if you know where to invest, it could transform your portfolio returns.

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