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How to reduce the reliance on benefits: cut welfare or raise the minimum wage?

Queue outside a job centre © Getty Images

Lower benefits in the form of tax credits might mean greater productivity and higher wages. But would a rise in the minimum wage be better?

Amazon loans will really shake up the banking industry

Amazon warehouse © Getty Images

Amazon is moving in to the banking industry, making loans available to sellers in its market place. That’s very scary news if you’re a banker, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Demand for prime London property is tumbling – it’s just too expensive

Prime London property © Getty Images

The number of rich foreigners who are willing and able to buy top-end London property is falling fast. London house prices are just too high, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Why productivity in the UK is so low: in-work benefits

Benefits poster on a London street © Getty Images

Since the financial crisis, the number of people working part-time in Britain has risen enormously. And with it, the in-work benefits bill. It can’t go on, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Student loans: yet another reason they won’t ever be repaid

Students graduating © Getty Images

So few student loans are now being paid off that the government would have been better off not reforming the system at all. It’s all down to ‘salary sacrifice’, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

When it comes to good fund management, size does matter

Invstor looking at a screen © Getty Images

Being a good fund manager isn’t that hard, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Have the courage of your convictions, stick to them – and work for a smaller firm.

Why Europe is much more fragile than anyone thinks

Flags outside the European Parliament buidling © Getty Images

Economists are spending too much time concentrating on things they can count. Meanwhile, says Merryn Somerset Webb Europe is starting to crumble.

Help to Buy: a terrible policy doing exactly what we thought it would

Help to buy signs on new housing development © Getty Images

The government’s Help to Buy scheme has done exactly what we thought it would, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Subsidised one group of house-buyers at the expense of everyone coming after them.

Who will take a stand on executive pay?

WPP CEO Martin Sorrell © Getty Images

FTSE 100 directors saw their incomes rise by 21% last year to an average of nearly £3m each. It’s time ordinary investors had a champion to take a stand on these crazy pay packages.

Is it time to charge capital gains tax on homes?

Property for sale © Getty Images

The government just might be warming to the idea of cutting the 100% capital-gains tax exemption that applies to homes, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Holding tobacco stocks for income? Neil Woodford is too – but maybe you should both sell

Cigarette packets © Getty Images

Tobacco stocks have long provided some of the best and most regular dividend payments around. But, says Merryn Somerset Webb, that may not last much longer.

Right to buy: why not extend it to private landlords too?

Buy to let investor © Getty Images

If housing associations have to sell their properties at a discount under ludicrous ‘right to buy’ legislation, why shouldn’t all private landlords be forced sell up on the cheap?

Amazon proves the taxman can make multinationals pay their fair share

Jess Bezos © Getty images

Getting global multinationals to pay tax isn’t a lost cause, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Just look at Amazon.

It's time Osborne reined in the charity monster

Charity collector © iStock

Charity fund-raising has got out of control, says Merryn Somerset Webb. The government needs to take another look at Gift Aid.

Birmingham's 'promised land' that tells you the London property bubble can’t last forever

For sale signs in Birmingham © Getty images

Birmingham’s Kings Heath suburb has plenty to offer property buyers, says Merryn Somerset Webb – but at a fraction of the cost of buying in London.

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