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Why driving a Mercedes makes you mean

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The meanest people on the roads tend to drive luxury cars. That’s not a coincidence. The richer you get, the less empathy you demonstrate.

Inflation or war? Best hope for inflation

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With the other common way out of financial crises being war, inflation is the least worst solution to our massive debt problem, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

London will thrive, Brexit or no Brexit

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Many people worry that the financial services industry will flee London when the UK leaves the EU. But there isn’t a city in the world that can offer what London does, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

New pension incentives? Don't bother with the young – help the 50-somethings first

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Young people have better things to do with their money then save for a pension, says Merryn Somerset Webb. The government should help those who really need it.

Buy-to-let investors: don’t fight the government

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The government has given another clear signal that it has the buy-to-let business firmly in its sights. Avoid at all costs, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Want the young to be as well off as the middle aged? Force a house price crash

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A report says those born in the early 1980s have half as much wealth as those born in the 1970s. The best way to fix that is lower house prices, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

How stamp duty changes are distorting London's property market


Changes to stamp duty are driving London property developers to give up on family homes in favour of filling the capital with tiny flats.

How to make stamp duty a little less crazy

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Stamp duty is a mad tax for all sorts of reasons, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But if anybody should have to pay it, make it the seller.

How technology will transform farming

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New technology will revolutionise farming to the same extent that the invention of the plough did in the past, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

We don’t need grammar schools – we need grammar streams

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Selection in education is good, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But only if it is fluid. We should create “grammar streams” in every comprehensive.

Hang on to your £50s. There aren’t many of them about

£50 notes © Getty Images

The Bank of England isn’t banning the £50 note – it’s gradually phasing it out instead.

Why hire scientists when you can get more value from accountants?

Portrait of a scientist © Getty Images

With negative interest rates, big companies have lost all incentive to make money the old fashioned way. They can just get paid to borrow money instead.

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