The 12 worst investments of 2014

The 12 worst investments of 2014, #1: bitcoin

Bitcoin © Getty Images

Bitcoin was the worst performing investment of 2014. From a January high of around $1,000, it fell consistently over the year, losing 52% of its value.

The 12 worst investments of 2014, #2: crude oil

Brent crude oil started it slide in June, and by the end of the year it had fallen by 45% as the price war between Opec, the US and Russia raged.

The 12 worst investments of 2014, #3: Quindell

Quindell: crashed car © Getty Images

Outsourcing firm Quindell saw its share price fall from 682p to just 34p after a damning research report, and the questionable share dealings of several senior staff

The 12 worst investments of 2014, #4: the Russian rouble

Vladimir Putin © Getty Images

With Russia’s Vladimir Putin locked in a war of wills with the West, the rouble’s gentle decline became a crash – losing 12% in just one week.

The 12 worst investments of 2014, #5: Tesco

Tesco © Getty Images

Tesco shares almost halved in value in the last year, as it faced competition from discount supermarkets and suffered the mother of all accounting scandals.

The 12 worst investments of 2014, #6: Greek Athex index

Greek rioters © Getty Images

Greek stocks slid to their lowest in 17 months this year. The country faces huge political challenges, as the spectre of a ‘Grexit’ rears its head again.

The 12 worst investments of 2014, #7: copper

Coils of copper wire © Getty Images

Prices for non-precious metals have plummeted in the past year. And copper has been the worst affected – sliding more than 15% in 2014.

The 12 worst investments of 2014, #8: Argentinian peso

Argentinian peso exchange rates © Getty Images

The Argentinian peso began the year with a 20% slide. It has continued to fall steadily, leaving the economy in almost as bad a state as it was in 2001 and 2002.

The 12 worst investments of 2014, #9: Twitter

Twitter stockmarket float © Getty Images

Concerns about cash-flow and a failure to compete with Facebook meant Twitter’s share price slid by 42% this year.

The 12 worst investments of 2014, #10: Mattel

Mattel: Barbie dolls © Getty Images

Mattel’s share price plunged 36% in 2014 as sales of its Barbie and Fisher-Price brands plunged, and a 20 year partnership with Disney bit the dust.

The 12 worst investments of 2014, #11: Russian corporate bonds

Gazprom executives © Getty Images

Yields on Russian corporate bonds soared this year as billions of dollars’ worth of capital left the country in the wake of sanctions by the EU and US.

The 12 worst investments of 2014, #12: Avon Products Inc

Avon products Inc ©Getty Images

Mismanagement, declining sales and the long arm of the law each played their part in a terrible year for Avon, the world’s largest direct seller of beauty products.

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