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Three smaller companies that offer growth at a reasonable price

Professional investor Richard Penny of the TM CRUX UK Special Situations Fund selects three of his favourite small stocks that offer growth, but are n…
9 Mar 2020
Investment strategy

A beginner's guide to investment styles

Investment styles go in and out of fashion. The key is to pick a style that suits you and stick with it. So what are the main investing styles?
26 Jan 2020

The balance between value and growth

Investors need to go a long way to find sensibly priced stocks today, but Japan and the US still offer pockets of value, Simon Edelsten tells Merryn S…
9 Mar 2018
Investment gurus

Mark Slater: finding growth at a reasonable price

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to investor Mark Slater about how he consistently finds good, growing companies without spending a fortune.
16 Jan 2017
Investment gurus

Charles Plowden: where to find long-term growth

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to professional investor Charles Plowden about investing for long-term growth, and where to find companies that will give a…
14 Nov 2016