Penny shares

At MoneyWeek, we’ve been a supporter of penny shares for more than a decade. Throughout that time we’ve published Penny Sleuth and Red Hot Penny Shares to help private investors get to grips with the FTSE small-cap and Alternative Investment Market (Aim) to find the best growth companies in the UK.

Although riskier and more volatile than other forms of investment, the capital growth potential of penny shares is large and exciting. With a small portion of your investment pot, it can be fun and rewarding to invest in a select group of penny shares. Here at MoneyWeek, we can show you ways to research and find the best growth companies in the UK.

How to buy and sell penny shares

Small-cap stock expert David Thornton explains the ins and outs of investing in penny shares.

Where to find penny shares

David Thornton explains what penny shares are, and where to find small-cap stocks to invest in.

How to build your penny share portfolio

David Thornton outlines his simple rules for how private small-cap investors can manage their portfolio.

Latest articles on penny shares

American small-cap stocks will bounce back

Smaller companies in America will play catch up with their bigger peers.

How George Osborne helped small-cap investors in 2014

By making Aim stocks eligible for tax-free Isas, George Osborne has really increased the potential returns for investors, says David Thornton.

Why I’m not excited about Osborne’s 'pensioner bonds'

Ignore the hype surrounding George Osborne’s ‘pensioner bonds’, says David Thornton. Investing in penny shares makes much better sense.

Thinking of buying an Aim stock? Read this first

Aim, the small-cap stockmarket holds many attractions. But beware. You forego much of the security and scrutiny you get with a fully listed peer, says Bengt Saelensminde.

The best is yet to come for UK small-cap stocks

There is a time in the market cycle when you definitely shouldn’t own small-cap stocks, says David Thornton. But that time is not now. Now’s the time you should be buying.

How stubbornness can damage your wealth

With market conditions changing all the time, investors need to be flexible and responsive. Sticking rigidly to a fixed view of the world is a recipe for losing money, says David Thornton.

Do small-cap stocks deliver the goods?

The idea that small-cap stocks outperform blue chips over time is widely accepted. But is it true? Cris Sholto Heaton investigates.

Three predictions about the oil price

Making predictions about the oil price is a mug’s game, says David Thornton. But that’s not going to stop him. So here goes with three of his own.

Quindell battered by short sellers, but that's a good thing

Insurance outsourcer Quindell has been battered by short-sellers. But perhaps that’s something to be thankful for, says David Thornton.

Could this penny-share controversy be a buying opportunity?

Stock market investment relies on trust between shareholders and company directors. Recent controversial events have shaken this trust, says David Thornton.

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