Penny shares

At MoneyWeek, we’ve been a supporter of penny shares for more than a decade. Throughout that time we’ve published Penny Sleuth and Red Hot Penny Shares to help private investors get to grips with the FTSE small-cap and Alternative Investment Market (Aim) to find the best growth companies in the UK.

Although riskier and more volatile than other forms of investment, the capital growth potential of penny shares is large and exciting. With a small portion of your investment pot, it can be fun and rewarding to invest in a select group of penny shares. Here at MoneyWeek, we can show you ways to research and find the best growth companies in the UK.

How to buy and sell penny shares

Small-cap stock expert David Thornton explains the ins and outs of investing in penny shares.

Where to find penny shares

David Thornton explains what penny shares are, and where to find small-cap stocks to invest in.

Three reasons to be excited about small-cap stocks in 2015

After a decent start, 2014 wasn’t very kind to investors in small-cap stocks. But, says David Thornton, there’s plenty of scope for a good run in 2015.

How to build your penny share portfolio

David Thornton outlines his simple rules for how private small-cap investors can manage their portfolio.

Two things every penny share investor should know

Equities – penny shares in particular – are the best way of generating a good long-term return, says David Thornton. But it requires the right attitude and a sensible strategy.

Latest articles on penny shares

Dividend payouts are a strong indicator of a solid company

Investing in small growth-stocks is exciting, but it also pays to look for quality, says David Thornton. That means dividends.

Aim gets a lot of bad press but it plays a vital role in developing small companies

It’s easy to knock Aim, says David Thornton. But it plays a key role in developing the small-company sector of Britain’s economy.

Everything you need to know before you invest in Aim shares

Investing in Aim shares can be a bit of a gamble. But get it right, and you can make handsome profits. Here, Kam Patel provides a few pointers for success.

Giles Hargreave: a small-cap investor’s recipe for success

Giles Hargreave is one of Britain’s best small companies investors. So, what’s his secret? Kam Patel investigates.

Giles Hargreave: investment guru aiming high with small companies

Kam Patel talks to Giles Hargreave – the best small companies investor in Britain today – about investing in Aim shares.

I’ve spotted a healthcare company that could save the NHS millions

Many patients are sent abroad at great expense to the NHS, says David Thornton. But thanks to this Aim-listed company, that could be about to change.

Government contracts can send small company share prices soaring

Becoming a government supplier can make a huge difference to a firm’s share price, says David Thornton. Here, he looks at one Aim-listed stock that’s hit the big time.

This Aim-listed stock is how I’m playing the global ‘energy revolution’

As the world seeks alternatives to fossil fuels, demand for lithium will soar, says Bengt Saelensminde. Here’s how he plans to profit.

Philip Manduca: ‘Forget gold – diamonds are the best store of value’

Philip Manduca, executive chairman of Paragon Diamonds, talks to Kam Patel about why he thinks gold is ‘no longer fit for purpose’, leaving diamonds as the ideal investment.

The FTSE 100 just hit a new all-time high – but smaller companies still offer investors a better deal

A new record high for the FTSE 100 makes a nice headline. But if you want really sensational returns, stick with smaller companies, says David Thornton.

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