Penny shares

At MoneyWeek, we’ve been a supporter of penny shares for more than a decade. Throughout that time we’ve published Red Hot Penny Shares and Penny Sleuth to help private investors get to grips with the FTSE small-cap and Alternative Investment Market (Aim) to find the best growth companies in the UK.

Although riskier and more volatile than other forms of investment, the capital growth potential of penny shares is large and exciting. With a small portion of your investment pot, it can be fun and rewarding to invest in a select group of penny shares. Here at MoneyWeek, we can show you ways to research and find the best growth companies in the UK.

The unstoppable rise of mBank

The banking industry as you know it is changing. In fact, it’s already changed. Find out how you could profit from it. Capital at risk.

For banks, it’s the beginning of the end

In almost every area of finance, technology is cutting out the middleman. Bengt Saelensminde explains why that’s very bad news for the banks.

Apple’s new iPhone spells the end for high-street banking

Mobile banking poses a grave threat to the traditional high-street banks, says Matthew Lynn.

Move over Apple – there’s bigger tech news this week

Forget Apple’s new watch, the news that Paypal is to start using bitcoin is much more exciting. The cryptocurrency is going mainstream, says Bengt Saelensminde.

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Latest articles on penny shares

This recruitment stock could be a steal

David Thornton explains a quick and easy way to gauge the value of a company’s shares, and why it suggests this small-cap recruiter is a bargain.

The one that got away

High share prices can intimidate investors. That’s exactly what happened to David Thornton, and he missed out on making a fortune.

Don’t be fooled by ONS ‘experts’

Government ‘experts’ recently did a spectacular U-turn on the economy. It just goes to show how little they really know, says David Thornton.

Why the banks are dreading the iPhone 6

With the next generation of its iPhone, Apple could be set to drive the mobile phone as a payments device towards critical mass. David Thornton explains.

A high-risk bet on the rise of mobile money

Mobile banking is set to be the next big thing. And a deal just signed means this small technology company could become a major player, says Ed Bowsher.

This technology could soon replace your bank account

New ‘mobile banking’ technology is threatening the lucrative business model of the traditional banks. It’s a change that can’t come too soon, says Bengt Saelensminde.

The tech industry has a new target

Mobile banking is set to become the next big thing, says Bengt Saelensminde. And for early investors, it promises to be a very lucrative market.

This unfavourable company 'spin off' could be a great opportunity for us

Mining giant BHP Billiton’s plans to spin off unwanted assets could present investors with a rare opportunity, says David Thornton.

Too many investment 'experts' ignore this

Timing the market is often dismissed as outright folly, says David Thornton. But it is something that investors should bear in mind.

Why the stock market doesn’t always work

The stock market is a great way for companies to raise cash, says David Thornton. But for the real tiddlers, it’s not always the best solution.

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