Britain’s house price bubble

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Britain's house price bubble

After the financial crisis, Britain's property market suffered a slump. But now house prices are rising fast, driven in part by the 'Help to Buy' scheme. Many people – us included – are worried we are now in bubble territory. So what does the future hold for house prices?

What Corbynmania and buy-to-let have in common

The rise of Corbynmania is a reflection of the anxiety in Britain, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Politicians should take note.

If George Osborne doesn't kill buy-to-let, Jeremy Corbyn will

I didn’t think there was a politician out there stupid enough to take right-to-buy to its ridiculous logical extreme, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But there is: Jeremy Corbyn.

London property: if secrecy goes, will prices go too?

Proposed new rules to make public who owns what in London could flush out a lot of dirty money. And that could put a dent in sky-high London property prices, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Three good reasons to get out of buy-to-let now

Alarm bells should be ringing for buy-to-let investors, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It won’t take much to tip the market over, dotcom-style.

London house prices begin their slide

George Osborne’s recent policy moves suggest he’s keen to see that slide continue, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Is the UK property market facing an 18-year slump?

One of America’s most unorthodox economic forecasters says the UK property market – and London in particular – has peaked. Now, we’re looking at 18 years of decline.

Osborne is right to target buy-to-let: it only makes Britain’s housing woes worse

Tax relief on buy-to-let rental income has skewed the housing market, says Bengt Saelensminde. George Osborne was right to tackle it in his summer Budget.

Demand for prime London property is tumbling – it’s just too expensive

The number of rich foreigners who are willing and able to buy top-end London property is falling fast. London house prices are just too high, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The balance of power is shifting away from property owners

Right-to-buy, populist land-grabs and other dodgy deals demonstrate how power is being taken away from property owners and handed to tenants, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

It’s tough to get a mortgage – so why aren’t house prices falling?

With mortgage lending much tighter than it used to be, you might think house prices would have fallen. But they haven’t. They’re still unaffordable to most. Dominic Frisby explains why.

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