Britain’s house price bubble

After the financial crisis, Britain's property market suffered a slump. But now house prices are rising fast, driven in part by the government's 'Help to Buy' scheme. Many people - us included - are worried we are now in bubble territory. So what does the future hold for house prices?

Profit from Britain’s manufacturing revival – invest in the West Midlands

Britain’s manufacturing sector is undergoing a mini-revival. Nowhere more so than in the West Midlands. Matthew Partridge explains how you could profit.

How to make all your financial worries disappear in one simple move

Sell your overpriced London property, buy a country house and pocket the difference.

The London property bubble’s days are numbered

London’s extreme property prices are seriously out of whack with the rest of the country. But this could be about to change, says Matthew Partridge.

Now could be the perfect time for Londoners to sell up

If you fancy trading your poky terrace for a country manor, do it now before the property price-gap narrows.

Why the property market could be in trouble after the 2015 election

Britain’s booming housing market looks likely to face a tougher time next year. Matthew Partridge looks at what’s on the horizon for house prices.

Should you join the rush back to buy-to-let?

Buy-to-let investors are once again competing with homebuyers in UK cities. Should you join them, or are we seeing the start of a new bubble mentality?

Three signs that the London housing market has gone mad

London’s property prices are well above their pre-crash levels. Everything points to this being a massive bubble, says Matthew Partridge. Here, he outlines the three key signs that prove it.

Here’s why Mark Carney might prick London’s property bubble this year

Matthew Partridge looks at how the Bank of England could pop London’s bubble.

How to become a landlord to some of Britain’s biggest businesses

Britain’s commercial property sector has had a rough time since the financial crisis. But things are looking up. Ed Bowsher picks the best ways for you to invest.

CGT won't deter foreign investors in London property - but this might

Foreign buyers could be put off from buying up prime central London property, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But not because of capital gains tax.

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