Britain’s house price bubble

After the financial crisis, Britain's property market suffered a slump. But now house prices are rising fast, driven in part by the government's 'Help to Buy' scheme. Many people - us included - are worried we are now in bubble territory. So what does the future hold for house prices?

Demand for prime London property is tumbling – it’s just too expensive

The number of rich foreigners who are willing and able to buy top-end London property is falling fast. London house prices are just too high, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The balance of power is shifting away from property owners

Right-to-buy, populist land-grabs and other dodgy deals demonstrate how power is being taken away from property owners and handed to tenants, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

It’s tough to get a mortgage – so why aren’t house prices falling?

With mortgage lending much tighter than it used to be, you might think house prices would have fallen. But they haven’t. They’re still unaffordable to most. Dominic Frisby explains why.

Help to Buy: a terrible policy doing exactly what we thought it would

The government’s Help to Buy scheme has done exactly what we thought it would, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Subsidised one group of house-buyers at the expense of everyone coming after them.

Two of Britain’s best property timers may finally be pulling out of the market

Former maths teachers Fergus and Judith Wilson became the ‘pin-up couple’ of buy-to-let property. Now, they’re starting to sell up. Dominic Frisby asks if you should do the same.

Is it time to charge capital gains tax on homes?

The government just might be warming to the idea of cutting the 100% capital-gains tax exemption that applies to homes, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Forget London, Birmingham is the place for businesses, workers and house-buyers

Businesses, young people and rich foreigners are flocking to Birmingham. Merryn Somerset Webb looks at what makes it such a draw.

Right to buy: why not extend it to private landlords too?

If housing associations have to sell their properties at a discount under ludicrous ‘right to buy’ legislation, why shouldn’t all private landlords be forced sell up on the cheap?

London house prices could be facing some heavy weather

London’s rip-roaring property market is starting to stutter. And things could get much worse after the election, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Election 2015: could rent controls pop the housing bubble?

Ed Miliband’s rent controls brainwave won’t do anything to lower rents for hard-pressed tenants, says John Stepek. But it might hit house prices.

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