Britain’s house price bubble

Britain's house price bubble

After the financial crisis, Britain's property market suffered a slump. But now house prices are rising fast, driven in part by the 'Help to Buy' scheme. Many people – us included – are worried we are now in bubble territory. So what does the future hold for house prices?

Why you shouldn’t buy London property

If you’re thinking of investing in property in London, please think again.

A property price crash in London is imminent. And it could leave you seriously out of pocket.

‘London’s Pending Property Crash,’ is a free, exclusive investment briefing that will alert you to the dangers ahead.

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UK house price indices

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Loosening the green belt

Greenbelt land has come under increased pressure from the demand to build more houses. Natalie Stanton reports.

"Home, small home" in London

London house buyers are resorting to “micro-living” because of the capital’s crazy property market, says Natalie Stanton.

London house prices come under pressure

Natalie Stanton looks at the signs that London’s housing market may finally be cooling.

Yet another blow for buy-to-let

The buy-to-let sector has continued to come under pressure after the Bank of England’s regulatory arm expressed concerns.

The assets to buy now – April 2016

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? Here’s our monthly take on the major asset classes.

Looking for a buy-to-let property? Wait until 2019

Despite the drawbacks, buy-to-let property is still very popular. But if you want lower prices and higher yields, says Merryn Somerset Webb, put off buying for a few years.

Yet another snub for buy-to-letters

Last week’s Budget contained yet more bad news for the buy-to-let sector. Big landlords will now be subject to the new “second home” stamp duty surcharge of three percentage points.

Investing in property: Are holiday lets worth the slog?

With buy-to-let property becoming less and less appealing, landlords are hunting around for other options – such as holiday lets. But are they worth it?

London’s tumbling house prices

The heyday for London’s high-end developers looks to be grinding to a halt, says Natalie Stanton.

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