UK property

Our shrinking houses

New-build houses in Britain are among the smallest in Europe. But that’s not the real problem, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

An Englishman’s home is meant to be his castle – it’s more like a rabbit hutch

Britain not only needs more houses, it needs bigger houses, says Matthew Lynn. The solution, however, may not be popular with everyone.

Chart of the week: another housing bubble?

In London, first-time buyers have to cough up an absurd eight times the average annual wage to buy a house.

The silver bullet to fix the housing market

High house prices are destroying the prospects of a generation. But there is a simple way to make property affordable again. Dominic Frisby explains how.

What Mark Carney’s measures mean for London house prices

The Bank of England governor has outlined three steps to cool the housing market. But will they do any good? Matthew Partridge investigates.

What the builders are telling us about the housing market

Housebuilders are very good indicators of the state of the property market. And right now, they’re in a bear market. Dominic Frisby explains what this means for Britain’s house prices.

London property is heading for a long-overdue correction

The London house price madness continues. But as mortgage lending is tightened up, that could be about to change. Matthew Partridge explains.

The Bank of England has no intention of pricking the housing bubble

Don’t expect Mark Carney to cool Britain’s overheating housing market, says John Stepek. Here, he explains what’s really driving house prices, and what it means for investors.

Property price rises drive British Land profits higher

Commercial property developer British Land has reported a big rise in profits, driven in part by the buoyant property market.

A bubble-proof housing investment?

This small-cap developer of brownfield sites could be a good-value play on the buoyant southeast property market, says David Thornton.

What can be done about Britain’s housing crisis?

The housing sector is lurching into bubble territory and stock is insufficient to meet demand. What can be done about it? Simon Wilson reports.

This could be the pin that bursts the London property bubble

A big change is about to make the mortgage market a lot tougher for borrowers. Could this finally burst London’s property bubble? Matthew Partridge explains.

How London property compares with the rest of Britain

This chart shows just how out of whack London’s housing market is with the rest of the country.

Profit from Britain’s manufacturing revival – invest in the West Midlands

Britain’s manufacturing sector is undergoing a mini-revival. Nowhere more so than in the West Midlands. Matthew Partridge explains how you could profit.

The London property bubble’s days are numbered

London’s extreme property prices are seriously out of whack with the rest of the country. But this could be about to change, says Matthew Partridge.

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