Here’s how my 12 predictions for 2014 turned out

With 2014 drawing to a close, Dominic Frisby looks back over the last 12 months to see how the predictions he made at the start of the year panned out.

Russia is the first casualty of the oil price crash – it won’t be the last

Russia’s drastic interest-rate hike is a sure sign the country’s in trouble. But as John Stepek explains, it’s not the only market that’s feeling the pain.

The dollar makes its move – and the only way is up

About once a decade, the dollar makes a world-shaking lurch. It’s time to prepare for the next one, says James Ferguson.

A witty guide to the world of Bitcoin

Book review: Bitcoin: The Future of Money?
Find out how Bitcoin is set to revolutionise the world in Dominic Frisby’s witty and engaging new book, says Matthew Partridge.

Rouble collapse raises fears of capital controls

Russia’s falling rouble poses a threat to the country’s financial stability.

The loonie is due a rebound

The Canadian dollar, or loonie, has slid to a five-year low against the US dollar. But it may have fallen too far.

Albert Edwards: The yen will plummet

Société Générale’s Albert Edwards foresees deflation in the West brought on by a devalued Japanese yen.

What’s the forex scandal all about?

Matthew Partridge explains the ins and outs of the forex scandal: what’s happened, how it worked, and what can be done to stop it happening again.

The rout of the rouble

The Russian rouble has slumped to an 11-year low, as foreign capital flees the country.

Chart of the week: The long slide of the US dollar

The dollar has risen sharply in recent months. But over the long term, the greenback still has a long way to go to hit a new high.

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