Can bitcoin save music?

The internet revolution has made it harder for musicians to make a living from their work. But it’s not all bad news for the industry, says Simon Wilson.

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The Fed is 'dread-locked' – any rate rise will be an only child

The fear of making a disastrous policy mistake is keeping the Federal Reserve from raising interest rates, says Dr Peter Warburton.

Australian dollar braced for further falls

With analysts now expecting lower interest rates down under, the Australian dollar may fall even further.

Turkey’s lira – expect the slide to continue

The Turkish lira is at record lows against both the euro and the dollar – it has fallen by 32% against the USD in a year.

Are we facing another Asian crisis?

Recent sharp falls in emerging-market currencies have drawn parallels with the 1997 Asian crisis. Are we facing a similar situation? Cris Sholto Heaton investigates.

A dangerous new phase in the currency wars

China reportedly sold off a chunk of US debt recently. Dan Denning looks at what that says about the latest salvo in the currency wars, and the dollar.

Chart of the week: Kazakh currency collapses

The Kazakh tenge fell by almost 25% against the US dollar in a single day as the authorities announced an end to the dollar peg.

China panic sweeps the world – here's what that means for you

Plunging Chinese stocks have sent shockwaves around the world. Andrew Van Sickle looks at what that means for your money.

A perfect storm hits Malaysia

Malaysia’s ringgit has been especially hard hit by the devaluation of the Chinese yuan.

China rattles the world

China’s move to a new currency regime, effectively devaluing the yuan by almost 2% in a day.

Will the buck stop here?

The ever strengthening dollar has hit overseas sales for America’s S&P 500 companies.

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