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A perfect storm hits Malaysia

Malaysia’s ringgit has been especially hard hit by the devaluation of the Chinese yuan.

China rattles the world

China’s move to a new currency regime, effectively devaluing the yuan by almost 2% in a day.

Will the buck stop here?

The ever strengthening dollar has hit overseas sales for America’s S&P 500 companies.

Gold: the best defence in a genuine currency war

The currency wars are hotting up. And as Dominic Frisby explains, it’s giving investors a very compelling new reason to hold gold.

What the currency wars mean for the dollar and the pound

The currency wars are raging once again. Dominic Frisby looks at where the dollar will be heading next, and what that means for the pound.

With interest rates so low, we’re in for a nasty surprise

If another recession comes our way with interest rates at current levels, central bankers will have to get really radical, says John Stepek.

China devalues the yuan

China’s currency, the yuan renminbi, has seen its biggest fall since the current currency regime was introduced two decades ago.

How much further will the yuan fall – and what does it mean for you?

As the yuan continues to fall, John Stepek explains why China wants a weaker currency, what it means for the world economy – and how it affects you.

How China’s yuan devaluation could hasten the next monetary revolution

China’s yuan devaluation shows why we need money that is free from state interference. Dominic Frisby looks at what might replace our present currency regime.

The return of the currency wars – now China’s joined in

The devaluation of the renminbi could mean more countries joining the ‘race to the bottom’. John Stepek looks at what’s behind the yuan’s fall, and what it means for investors.

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