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How to survive the coming deflation crisis: invest in China

Think deflation is worrying now? You ain’t seen nothing yet, says Jonathan Compton. The best place to hide is China.

The bond vigilantes are back – but today they’re in the currency markets

There’s a war going on in the currency markets – and the main casualty so far is the euro. Dominic Frisby looks at where it is set to go next.

Five threats to your wealth

The threat of Greece leaving the eurozone has investors feeling jittery. But it’s far from the only big risk out there. John Stepek looks at the top five.

The Aussie joins currency wars

The Australian dollar has slipped following the decision of the country’s central bank to cut interest rates.

I correctly predicted the euro would turn up at $1.11

Elliott wave theory has once again proved why it’s an invaluable tool when it comes to trading the euro, says John C Burford.

Which currency peg will collapse next?

Following the Swiss National Bank’s shock decision, investors are asking which country will be next to unpeg their currency.

Rising dollar dents profits

Several US multinationals have taken hits to their profits due to the strengthening greenback.

Will Iberian populists sink the euro?

Elections in Portugal and Spain later this year could throw the future of the euro once more into doubt.

Swiss 'shock and horror' sparks currency war

A new currency war looms over markets in the wake of the Swiss National bank’s shock decision to unpeg its currency from the euro.

The bitcoin bubble has burst – but the real excitement is yet to come

The really exciting thing about bitcoin isn’t the currency, says Dominic Frisby, its the technology behind it. It has the power to change the world.

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