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Could the pound really be heading for parity with the US dollar?

Sterling is going to the dogs. There’s even a chance it could reach parity with the dollar. Dominic Frisby looks at what might be next for the pound.

Why is sterling slumping?

The pound has fallen to a seven-year low against the dollar, and is down almost a tenth against the euro.

Shanghai surprise: the week that shook global markets

Investors have been scared witless by the plunge in the Chinese stockmarket and currency, the yuan. Andrew Van Sickle explains why you should stay calm.

Don’t bank on a US dollar bull market

One of the most widespread calls for 2016 is for the US dollar bull market to continue, But it could already be over.

The US dollar has every reason to keep rising – there’s just one problem

The strong US dollar was one of the biggest stories of 2015. Many people expect that to continue right through 2016. But that’s by no means certain, says John Stepek.

A screeching U-turn in South Africa

Last week, the South African president, Jacob Zuma, fired his respected finance minister Nhlanhla Nene. But the market and media furore prompted a major U-turn.

Has China just issued a warning to Janet Yellen?

China’s change to the way its currency operates has sent a very clear message to the US. John Stepek explains what’s going on, and why it matters.

Where next for the dollar?

Despite poor manufacturing data, the US dollar is closing in on its 12-year high last seen in April.

Another blow for the euro

The yuan has made its entrance into the IMF’s world reserve currency – at the expense of the euro.

Which currency is getting dropped from the SDR?

China’s yuan is set to be added to the basket of currencies making up the SDR – the IMF’s global currency. What happens next?

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