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Three ways to avoid the great foreign exchange rip-off

Foreign exchange is often a complete rip-off. Cris Sholto Heaton reveals where to look to get a better deal on your holiday money.

Chart of the week: Zimbabwe scraps its currency

Zimbabwe has scrapped the dollar – several years after people stopped using it and turned to the US version.

Why the pound is going up

The pound has hit five-year highs against many currencies, and it’s even taking on the mighty dollar. Dominic Frisby takes a look at what’s behind the pound’s impressive rise.

US dollar: Greenback back on track

The US dollar index, which tracks the greenback’s progress against a basket of major trading partners’ currencies, hit a 12-year high in March before falling back.

Join the bitcoin revolution

Bitcoin has yet to go mainstream, but it will eventually turn our whole way of life upside down. Dominic Frisby asks whether it’s time to invest in the digital currency.

Dominic is wrong – the time is ripe for digital gold

James Turk, founder of GoldMoney (recently acquired by BitGold), responds to Dominic Frisby’s take on BitGold.

This hyped-up company now owns tonnes of gold – but you still shouldn't touch it

To overexcited investors this much-hyped gold bitcoin company has pulled off a fantastic deal. But Dominic Frisby explains why you should still steer clear.

Don’t touch this gold and bitcoin combo with a ten-foot bargepole

This Canadian startup is using bitcoin technology to allow gold to be used for everyday transactions. But don’t fall for the hype, says Dominic Frisby.

Chart of the week: is this the end for the dollar bull?

The US dollar index slid by almost 4% in April – its worst month in four years. Is this the end of the bull run, or just a temporary dip?

Election 2015: sterling’s fate could hinge on Thursday’s result

The pound has been surprisingly stable compared to the lead-up to the 2010 election. But that could all change after tomorrow. Dominic Frisby explains why – and gives his election predictions.

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