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Going bust

What happens when countries default?

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Steer clear of US assets

Merry Somerset Webb explains why you won’t want to own American assets when the money-printing ends.

How to play the surging dollar

As the Fed prepares to stop its QE programme, the dollar is spiking upwards. John Stepek looks at how you can profit.

Forget the sliding price – the bitcoin revolution has only just begun

Bitcoin has slid over 70% from its 2013 high. And it’s likely to fall further. But the currency – and the technology behind it – has a huge future.

What to invest in as King Dollar retakes his throne

The US dollar has risen sharply as America’s economy recovers. And that looks set to continue. John Stepek explains what it means for investors.

The bull-market in the dollar has legs

The dollar index, which tracks the greenback against a basket of major trading partners’ currencies, has leapt to a four-year high.

South Africa's rand on the slide

The rand has resumed its slide against the dollar – don’t expect a recovery anytime soon.

Is this the 21st century’s most important invention?

The potential of the block chain – ‘bitcoin’s DNA’ – is immense, says Bengt Saelensminde. It could revolutionise everything from the money we use, to the NHS.

How to cope with exchange-rate risk

Exchange rates can have a big affect on your portfolio. Phil Oakley explains how to manage the risks and maybe even profit.

The Aussie dollar takes a tumble

The Australian dollar has fallen against its American counterpart – don’t expect a rebound.

A winning streak for the dollar

The greenback’s rally has gathered pace as the Federal Reserve reins in its stimulus programme.

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