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US dollar: Will the buck stop here?

Late last year, practically everyone was pencilling in a rise in the US dollar for 2016. But it looks to have run out of steam.

There’s a lot more to the pound’s slide than just Brexit

There’s more to the slide than just fear of a Brexit, says Dominic Frisby. Here, he explains what’s going on in the forex markets.

This is exactly how I’d go about banning cash

European Central Bank boss Mario Draghi has a new trick up his sleeve to wipe out the central bankers’ greatest enemy. John Stepek explains.

Can China succeed in defending the yuan?

China burned through $100bn of its foreign-exchange reserves last month trying to prop up its currency, the yuan.

Sweden lets rip another salvo in the currency wars

Sweden’s Riksbank has pushed interest rates further into negative territory. How long is it before the rest of the world’s central banks follow suit?

Three exciting currency trades

Charlie Morris of the Fleet Street Letter gives his take on where these three currencies are heading to next.

The war on cash is just getting started

There’s no end to the ammunition available to central banks in the war on cash, says John Stepek. They could end up turning the whole system on its head.

Could the pound really be heading for parity with the US dollar?

Sterling is going to the dogs. There’s even a chance it could reach parity with the dollar. Dominic Frisby looks at what might be next for the pound.

Why is sterling slumping?

The pound has fallen to a seven-year low against the dollar, and is down almost a tenth against the euro.

Shanghai surprise: the week that shook global markets

Investors have been scared witless by the plunge in the Chinese stockmarket and currency, the yuan. Andrew Van Sickle explains why you should stay calm.

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