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The plunging pound: Britain’s shock absorber

The falling value of the pound will boost Britain’s competitiveness, says Andrew Van Sickle. But don’t expect a huge new upswing in the economy just yet.

That’s it: I’m calling the low on the pound

In the wake of the EU referendum result, the pound fell sharply. But now, says Dominic Frisby, conditions are perfect for a rebound. Here’s why.

Britain now has what everyone else wants – a weak currency

Since the EU referendum result, the pound has fallen. But a weaker currency is exactly what the Bank of England wants, says John Stepek. Here’s why.

The pound: the mother of all forex opportunities?

Sterling has plunged in the political vacuum that has arisen in the wake of the EU referendum. The pound is now incredibly cheap, says Dominic Frisby. Should you dive in?

Impressive potential in Nigeria

The Nigerian government has bowed to the inevitable and scrapped its currency peg to the US dollar.

How a $53m heist could make this crypto-currency more valuable

Ethereum, a “decentralised, bulletproof” computing system based on the blockchain, has suffered a $53m theft. But oddly, says Mischa Frankl Duval, that could prove a stroke of good fortune.

Bitcoin doesn't feel like money

Bitcoin has been around for a long time by internet standards. But it still has some way to go before author John Lanchester is prepared to call the cryptocurrency money.

If Britain leaves the EU, sterling is a screaming buy

The overwhelming consensus is that sterling will crash if Britain votes to leave the EU. That can only mean one thing, says Dominic Frisby: buy sterling.

Is the Bank of Japan out of ammo?

The Bank of Japan has struggled to keep the yen down, says Andrew Van Sickle – whether it lowers interest rates or not.

Why I’m buying bitcoins

Bitcoin has already had one boom and bust. It could be about to have another, says Charlie Morris. That’s why he’s buying.

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