Collectables and alternative investments

Hail the New Messiah

Vieuxtemps Guarneri violin

There’s serious money to be made in antique violins with rare musical instruments topping the Coutts Passion Index for last year.

Time to get out?

Phil Oakley on how to spot toxic stocks before it's too late

The allure of retro aeroplanes

For those who have always wanted to climb inside the cockpit of a vintage aeroplane, now is the time, says Chris Carter.

Fine wines, fine investments

Britain has always been a popular place to do business in the international wine trade. Chris Carter looks into the market, and explains how to invest in fine wines.

Serious money in entertainment memorabilia

Collecting items of entertainment memorabilia is more popular than ever, says Chris Carter.

The Holy Grail of handbags

As a recent £300,000 sale goes to show, there’s serious money to be found in handbags, says Chris Carter.

Profit-making page-turners

With the London International Antiquarian Book Fair around the corner, now’s the time to dip into the world of rare books.

The rising stars of photography

As Photo London opens on Thursday, ever more young collectors are turning their attention to collection photographic art, says Chris Carter.

Men’s rings without the bling

Signet rings are gaining in popularity – both on the high street, and with collectors, says Chris Carter.

China develops a taste for contemporary art

Asian contemporary art is gaining prominence in the art world, says Chris Carter. And it isn’t just the Chinese buying.

Profiting from the toy craze

There’s no great secret to turning a profit from collecting toys, says Chris Carter. Just buy in to the craze and wait.

How to sell a vintage watch

Selling your secondhand vintage watch isn’t always as easy as clockwork. Chris Carter reports.