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How to invest in US stocks on the cheap

Investing in US stocks used to be an expensive hassle. Not any more, says David Stevenson.
3 Nov 2019
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Short Wayfair: home furniture won’t deliver

Online furniture retailer Wayfair is chronically unprofitable and faces too much competition, says Matthew Partridge.
22 Oct 2019
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Why you should keep the faith in Kier Group

Engineering firm Kier Group has hit trouble, but the core business looks sound, says Matthew Partridge.
17 Jun 2019
Alternative finance

Start-ups bring share dealing to the smartphone

App-based challengers for banking and payments are everywhere, says Ben Judge. Now it could be time for them to upend the investment industry.
6 Apr 2018
Personal finance

Barclays stockbroking: not so smart

Barclays has managed to infuriate thousands of its customers with the launch of its new stockbroking service. Here's what to do it if affects you.
6 Oct 2017
Personal finance

Software for stock pickers

Online tools make it much easier to analyse potential investments. Cris Sholto Heaton looks at the options.
7 Mar 2017
Self select ISAs

The best software for keeping an eye on your investments

If you have a complicated portfolio, these software packages could help you keep track and monitor your performance.
9 Mar 2016

Take charge of your money – find out which funds platform is best for you

More and more people are investing for themselves. But which broker should you use? Holly Mackay explains what you need to know.
25 Nov 2014

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Personal finance

What should Selftrade investors do now?

Investors with share-dealing service Selftrade have been asked to decide between switching to Equiniti or taking their custom elsewhere. Cris Sholto H…
17 Oct 2014
Investment strategy

Get online – but tread carefully

The internet has made investing cheaper and easier than ever before, says Cris Sholto Heaton. But that also means it's easy to get in over your head.
16 Oct 2014
Investment strategy

The foundations of advanced trading

While stock-trading meets the needs of most retail investors, there may be times when you want to put together more complicated trades. Here's what yo…
16 Oct 2014

Why Europe needs QE – now

QE may cause problems, but the alternative is a nasty depression. Expect the EU to start the printing presses soon, says James Ferguson.
12 Jun 2014
Personal finance

If you think Hargreaves Lansdown is too expensive, threaten to leave

Fund supermarket Hargreaves Lansdown has adopted the mobile phone companies' favourite tactic.
19 Feb 2014
Share dealing

The online trading revolution

Cris Sholto Heaton explains how 15 years ago, the internet made investing accessible to more people than ever before.
16 Oct 2013
Share dealing

Which online broker is best for you?

Investors looking to trade online have a wide choice of brokers offering different services. Here's how to find the broker that best suits your needs.
16 Oct 2013
Share dealing

Where to go for investment data

As an investor, there is a wealth of data available to you depending on your investment needs. Here's a guide to what's on offer.
16 Oct 2013

Maximise your returns by minimising your taxes

The key to successful investing is to minimise your costs. Here are a few pointers to help you keep your tax bill to a minimum.
16 Oct 2013
Share dealing

Cut the cost of investing in foreign shares

Many investors are missing out on opportunities to profit by shunning foreign shares. Here's what you need to know about investing abroad.
16 Oct 2013

Share dealing explained

Essentially, there are three ways of buying shares: you can use the stockbroking services offered by your bank; you can do it over the telephone via a…
31 Jan 2013
Spread betting

Shares or spread bets – which is best?

Share trading and spread betting are two very different disciplines. To help you decide whether you want to go from one to the other, here are three k…
20 Apr 2012

Share dealing explained

Read articles on share dealing: how it works, the advantages, strategies and tips. Compare the top share dealing accounts.
6 Jun 2011

The best brokers for trading foreign stocks

Some of the best-value stocks are to be found in Asia. But how easy is it for UK-based investors to buy overseas stocks? The answer is that it’s a lot…
13 Jan 2011
Share dealing

What to watch for in director dealings

If anybody knows whether a company's shares are a buy or a sell, it's surely the CEO. If the CEO is buying or selling, surely you'd do well to do the …
12 Oct 2010