Tesco CEO Dave Lewis
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Tesco should keep its Asian assets

The £7bn that Tesco could get for its Tesco Lotus business in Asia looks enticing. But holding on to it would be smarter, says Matthew Lynn.
15 Dec 2019

Money Minute, Wednesday 2 October: Tesco results and UK construction

Today we get first-half figures from supermarket giant Tesco, the latest ISM Construction Index for the UK, and US payrolls data.
2 Oct 2019
Tesco Bank
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Tesco cashes out of the mortgage business

Tesco Bank has left the mortgage market by selling its £3.7bn loan book. Its 23,000 customers will be moved to the Halifax, a subsidiary of Lloyds.
5 Sep 2019
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Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK's financial pages.
22 Mar 2019

Should you get your child a Jisa?

If you have any money left over once you’ve used up your tax-free allowances, you could consider a junior Isa for your children. But keep an eye on no…
15 Mar 2019
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Tesco wields the axe

Britain’s biggest supermarket is cutting back on staff and fresh food. Will the move prove counterproductive? Matthew Partridge reports.
31 Jan 2019
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If you'd invested in: Tesco and Associated British Foods

Tesco has seen its market value rise almost 50% in a year, while AB Foods has seen shares slide despite a rise in profits.
27 Jul 2018
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What's behind Tesco’s alliance with Carrefour?

Tesco is clubbing together with French rival Carrefour to bulk buy own-label goods in an effort to cut costs. Will it succeed? Ben Judge reports.
5 Jul 2018

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Lessons from Tesco’s turnaround

Retailers have it tough, but Tesco has shown that it’s still possible to thrive, says Matthew Lynn.
1 Jul 2018
Personal finance

When customer loyalty doesn’t pay

Tesco incurred the wrath of shoppers when it announced changes to its Clubcard reward scheme, says Ruth Jackson. But that doesn't mean you should drop…
26 Jan 2018
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Three ugly ducklings to buy now

Alasdair McKinnon of the Scottish Investment Trust tips three bargain British stocks to tuck away in your portfolio.
12 Jan 2018
Personal finance

Should you trust online bank-account aggregators?

Online tools can offer an easy way to keep an eye on your money, but security worries remain. New EU rules could change that next year, says Emma Lunn…
7 Jul 2017
Stock markets

Tesco still has plenty to prove

Tesco announced a solid set of results this month. But investors are still worried about its takeover of food wholesaler Booker.
21 Apr 2017
Stocks and shares

Trouble in store for Tesco?

Tesco is getting a good deal with its bid for wholesaler Booker. But regulators could yet block the merger, says Ben Judge
3 Feb 2017

The best shares to hold for perks and freebies

The days when being a shareholder allowed you widespread perks are all but gone. But some companies do still offer them. Here are just a few.
16 May 2016
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Report slams Tesco’s bullying

Supermarket giant Tesco has come in for a stern ticking off over claims it bullied suppliers.
28 Jan 2016
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Tesco sells Homeplus – the jewel in its crown

Tesco has sold Homeplus, its South Korean unit, to a private-equity consortium led by MBK Partners for £4.2bn.
10 Sep 2015
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The end of the Tesco era

Tesco’s full-year results this week showed the supermarket chain slumping, with pre-tax losses of £6.4bn.
23 Apr 2015
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Is Tesco turning the corner?

Figures from Kantar Worldpanel, which tracks the supermarket sector, show a 0.3% year-on-year rise in Tesco's profits.
12 Feb 2015
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Shares in focus: The Tesco turnaround

Supermarket giant Tesco is restructuring and its shares are on the up. Should you buy in, asks Phil Oakley.
16 Jan 2015

12 January 1948: Britain’s first supermarket opens

The self-service supermarket came to Britain on this day in 1948, when the London Co-operative Society opened a store in Manor Park.
12 Jan 2015
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Today’s game-changer: Moody’s just downgraded Tesco to ‘junk’

There was more bad news for embattled Tesco today, after it emerged that credit rating agency Moody’s had downgraded the supermarket to ‘junk’ status.…
9 Jan 2015
Stock markets

Markets: Tesco surge gives FTSE 100 a fillip

Markets saw big rises yesterday. In the FTSE 100, Tesco led supermarket stocks up, with the index closing up 2.3% at 6,569.
9 Jan 2015
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Not such a Merry Christmas for supermarkets

The festive period provided no let up for the beleaguered supermarket sector.
8 Jan 2015
Stocks and shares

Deep cuts and big sales: Is this a Tesco turnaround?

Tesco shares rose by over 10% following the unveiling of CEO Dave Lewis' plans to turn the supermarket giant around.
8 Jan 2015
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The 12 worst investments of 2014, #5: Tesco

Tesco shares almost halved in value in the last year, as it faced competition from discount supermarkets and suffered the mother of all accounting sca…
28 Dec 2014
Stocks and shares

Tesco’s chamber of horrors

Long-time rumours of Tesco squeezing its suppliers to bolster profits have more than a grain of truth to them.
11 Dec 2014
Stocks and shares

Tesco: an ongoing disaster area

Tesco has issued its fourth profit warning of the year, and its shares are tanking. Matthew Partridge looks at what's gone wrong as it lurches from on…
9 Dec 2014
Stocks and shares

Tough times for Tesco chief Dave Lewis

Tesco's new CEO Dave Lewis risks further infuriating shareholders with his talk of bonus packages, says Kam Patel.
28 Oct 2014
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Tesco shares – is it time to buy in now?

Is all the bad news now in Tesco's share price? John C Burford examines the supermarket's share charts to see if it's time to buy.
24 Oct 2014
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Don’t let Tesco put you off investing in retail stocks

Tesco is having a terrible time. But there are some attractive retail stocks out there, says Ed Bowsher. Here, he picks two of his favourites.
24 Oct 2014
Stocks and shares

Tesco shares could tank below a pound

Tesco is in big trouble. Its half-year results make grim reading, its chairman is leaving, and the share price is plummeting. Phil Oakley looks at whe…
23 Oct 2014
Stock markets

How incentive schemes can go horribly wrong

As Tesco has demonstrated, the wrong kind of incentive scheme can be disastrous, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
1 Oct 2014
Stocks and shares

Tesco’s shabby accounts scandal

Shares in Tesco hit new lows after the supermarket launched an investigation into its dubious accounting.
25 Sep 2014
Stock markets

This is no buying opportunity – Tesco goes from bad to worse

Tesco’s share price has slumped, after profits were overstated by £250m. But don’t be tempted to buy, says Phil Oakley. The price has a lot further to…
22 Sep 2014
Stock markets

What’s Tesco’s dividend cut tells us about the future for stocks

Don't bet Tesco's dividend cut is a one-off, says Matthew Lynn. There could be much more to come.
5 Sep 2014
Stock markets

Company in the news: Tesco

Supermarket giant Tesco has slashed its dividend. Phil Oakley explains what that means for investors.
5 Sep 2014
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A perfect storm for Tesco

The supermarket faces tough challenges – so should you wait for a better time to buy? Phil Oakley investigates.
28 Jul 2014
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Should you invest in Tesco?

Ed Bowsher asks if the appointment of Dave Lewis as its new CEO means you should go out and buy Tesco shares.
28 Jul 2014
Stocks and shares

Tesco gets a new boss – but it’s not time to buy yet

Tesco may be making changes at the top, but the supermarket giant will struggle to return to its glory days, says Ed Bowsher.
21 Jul 2014
Stock markets

It’s time for an orderly retreat in the supermarket wars

The big four supermarkets could spend billions taking on the discounters. But the City should not allow them to, says Matthew Lynn.
30 Jun 2014
Stocks and shares

Tesco launches current account offering 3% interest

Tesco Bank, the supermarket giant’s banking arm, has launched its first current account, giving customers 3% interest on balances up to £3,000.
10 Jun 2014
Stocks and shares

Tesco in trouble as sales slump

Sales in the supermarket giant have continued to disappoint, with no let-up in sight.
5 Jun 2014
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Shares in focus: Who to back in the supermarket wars

Morrisons has declared a price war on its supermarket rivals. Will there be any winners, and who should you back? Phil Oakley investigates.
24 Mar 2014
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Is now a good time to pick up supermarket stocks on the cheap?

Shares in Britain’s supermarkets are tanking. Morrisons has issued a profit warning. Tesco and Sainsbury’s are in the mire too. Ed Bowsher asks if it'…
14 Mar 2014
Stocks and shares

Tesco revamps its revamp

The supermarket giant has announced an overhaul of its turnaround strategy for its UK business.
27 Feb 2014
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Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Morrisons: a rotten day for retailers

Three of Britain’s biggest retailers have reported disappointing sales figures. Ed Bowsher looks at what's going wrong, and whether there is any cheer…
9 Jan 2014
Global Economy

My six big predictions for 2014

There are plenty of things to worry about in 2014. But there are plenty of opportunities too, says Ed Bowsher. Here, he makes six calls for the year t…
20 Dec 2013
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Company in the news: Tesco

Trading is getting worse at Tesco - and life could be tough for a good while yet, says Phil Oakley
6 Dec 2013