UK stock markets

What's behind Tesco’s alliance with Carrefour?

Tesco is clubbing together with French rival Carrefour to bulk buy own-label goods in an effort to cut costs. Will it succeed? Ben Judge reports.

Lessons from Tesco’s turnaround

Retailers have it tough, but Tesco has shown that it’s still possible to thrive, says Matthew Lynn.

HSBC takes baby steps

Global banking giant HSBC has unveiled an extremely cautious strategic update. Shareholders wanted a bit more spice, says Alice Gråhns.

If you'd invested in: BHP Billiton and Medica Group

Mining giant BHP Billiton has seen its share price more than double since the beginning of 2016, while radiology services provider Medica has seen its own price plunge.

Time to back British blue-chip stocks

UK blue-chip stocks are surging ahead. But the FTSE 100 offers a tasty yield and remains very reasonably priced compared with its major counterparts.

Ocado’s surge shows what happens when a hated asset springs a surprise

Shares in online grocer Ocado – hated by investors – suddenly spiked. It shows what can happen when sentiment turns, and holds a lesson for the broader UK market.

BT’s fall from grace

Two years ago telecoms giant BT looked on top of the world. But since then the sprawling business has underperformed. Alice Gråhns reports.

CYBG's big bid for Virgin Money

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank is aiming to snap up Virgin Money. Will the merged firm be more of a threat to the big banks? Alice Gråhns reports.

This mania for mergers is not how capitalism is meant to be

Mergers are not bad in themselves, says Merryn Somerset Webb, but the current scale of activity is alienating investors and damaging shareholder capitalism.

Expect these five mega-deals next

The Sainsbury’s-Asda merger was a surprise, but the reasoning behind it is sound, says Matthew Lynn. More are on the way.

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