Spread betting: putting it all together

Today I would like to bring together my three different trading strategies – tramline trading, Elliott waves and Fibonacci – to show how to make money by spread betting the financial markets

I use a combination of all these methods to give me the clues I need to reveal the order and structure in the markets. These methods are time-tested and have proved their worth many times.

If you have not seen my previous videos, or would like to refresh your memory, click the links at the bottom of this article to watch them.

In this video, I will explain the two main factors to bear in mind:

• How a high probability entry and good money management rules will give you an edge;
• How acting promptly and decisively when the signals tell you to do so is the key to successful trading.

Markets are inherently uncertain, but using the methods outlined, you can have a very good idea of where they are going next. Waiting to see what happens is often a formula for disaster – you get in far too late, the risk shoots up and you lose money.

Your job as a trader is to be able to forecast what other traders are about to do, and make your move before they do it. In this and my other videos, I aim to show you how to do that.

And if you haven’t seen them yet, or you would like a refresher, do take a look at my other video tutorials.

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  • RachaelA

    Thanks John, for this very informative and useful video.

  • Alan C

    Thanks John for another excellent, clear video.

  • Jack Tilbury

    Thanks John terrific video, but my screen is a heck of a lot different to yours. I ran it at the same time as yours but your Elliot waves are much clearer than mine.
    Jack Tilbury

  • Paul O

    Thanks for another excellent video with clear and concise application of strategies shown. I would be interested to know what charting package or data feed you use for your technical analysis.

  • Steve R

    Dear John
    Have watched with great interest your video tutorials (Fibonacci one was particularly informative)
    Just one question do you trade ONLY using charts or do you follow any news feeds

  • eddie

    Great video John,

    Here’s a trading idea for this week:


  • DickyB

    Elliott waves – they are so subjective I’ve yet to see any practitioner give consistent descriptions of their analysis of waves. It’s a secret I’d love to crack

  • KenN

    Loved this video – the way you constructed the tramlines in real time was a revelation!

    Thank you very much for this and your other videos.