Hit the sofa for the summer with these video games

Hit the sofa for the summer with these video games

Computer gaming has come a long way from space invaders and shoot ‘em ups. Here are seven of the best.

Brompton's electric commuter bike is a delight to ride

Brompton Electric bike

Electric bikes have just got a turbo-boost. This Brompton Electric will make you feel superhuman, says Sarah Moore.

The supercar that won’t cost the Earth

BMW i8 roadster

With BMW’s new i8 Roadster, hair shirts are no longer a necessity for eco-warriors, says Sarah Moore.

Oculus Go: a cheaper entry into the world of VR

Oculus Go

The new Oculus Go VR headset promises to bring virtual reality to the masses. Sarah Moore reports.

Land Rover Defender: the British classic that refuses to die

Twisted Landrover Defender

The Land Rover Defender will be back. Here’s a custom-made twist on the theme while you wait, says Sarah Moore.

Princess’s powerful yet elegant yacht

Princess S78 boat

If you’re thinking of taking to the seas for the summer, the Princess S78 could be the perfect option, says Sarah Moore.

A last hurrah for Aston’s Vanquish

Aston Martin Vanquish Ultimate Coupé

This special edition of the luxury coupé is very special indeed, says Sarah Moore.

Mavic Air: a pocket-sized drone

Mavic Air drone

The diminutive Mavic Air is packed with top-notch features and is the best all-round drone a hobbyist can buy, says Sarah Moore.

The Cannondale Synapse's simple beauty

Cannondale Synapse

Cannondale’s bikes have long been popular with endurance riders. The new Synapse will continue to impress, says Sarah Moore.

The Portofino: a super-serious Ferrari with mass appeal

Ferrari Portofino

The California was supposed to be Ferrari’s tilt towards the motoring masses. The new Portofino does the job

The Hinckley Dasher: the "Tesla of the seas"

Hinckley Dasher

The Hinckley Dasher is the world’s first fully electric luxury motor yacht.

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