Blow the competition away on track day with the TDF-1

The TDF-1 delivers close to Formula One performance, but without the mechanical hassles. Chris Carter reports

“In the market for a new track-day toy but find the latest crop of too-extreme-for-the-road supercars to be on the tame side?” asks James Allen in The Sunday Times. “Then this could be the answer to your prayers: a Formula One-derived customer car that promises all the thrills, but less of the mechanical temperamentality.” The TDF-1, built by Bedfordshire-based Tour-De-Force (TDF), is essentially a Marussia MVR02 or a Sauber C31 car from the 2011 and 2012 Formula One seasons that has been re-engineered for private buyers. The result is an “experience very close to that of the F1 drivers in the donor cars’ heydays”, retaining 95% of the pre-modified cars’ performance.

The changes have made the cars easier to handle. For example, the steering wheel has been “significantly” simplified. That, says TDF, allows for drivers to “focus completely on the driving experience and less on the systems management that modern Formula One cars demand”. The original 720bhp+ 2.4-litre Cosworth V8 engine has also been stripped out in favour of TDF’s own 1.8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder unit, producing 600bhp – “pretty healthy for a car that only weighs around 600kg”, says Allen. The car “is said to be capable of generating forces of 4.0 G through corners and 4.5 G under braking”, says Sam Sheehan on Pistonheads. “So you need to be fairly committed. And fit inside the snug confines of a proper F1 car.”

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“‘Track packs’ are all the rage in the supercar market right now,” says Stephen Dobie for Top Gear magazine. But whereas other offerings have given “a mere lick of carbon fibre and some nominal weight saving”, make no mistake, “this is a trackday special”. The handling and seat is tailored to your specifications and you have use of TDF’s F1-grade simulator, with training. British W Series racing driver Jessica Hawkins is even on hand to oversee your development. 

Price: £1.8m. Engine: 1.8-litre turbo. Power: 600bhp at 9,000rpm. Top speed:  200mph. 0-62mph: 2 seconds.  

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