Ross McEwan, CEO of RBS © Jason Alden/Bloomberg via Getty Images

No relief for RBS investors

RBS, Britain’s remaining semi-nationalised bank, has just paid a special dividend – but shareholders are anything but happy. Matthew Partridge reports…
8 Aug 2019
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Banks pass stress test

Britain’s seven biggest lenders have passed the second round of annual stress tests – but how resilient are the tests?
3 Dec 2015
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Should you buy RBS shares?

The government is quietly selling its stake in RBS, the bank it bailed out at a cost of £45bn. Here, Matthew Partridge looks at whether the shares are…
7 Aug 2015
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RBS starts its return to the private sector

The government began to return Royal Bank of Scotland to the private sector this week, seven years after saving it from collapse.
6 Aug 2015

Gordon Brown to take over at RBS – and five more predictions for 2015

Will deflation spread to Britain, and could Gordon Brown turn around RBS? Matthew Lynn sets out his six predictions for the year ahead.
30 Dec 2014
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What's wrong with Britain's banks?

British banks are still in the post-crisis recovery position. Look at what they do, not what they say, to see which ones are progressing, says James F…
13 Mar 2014
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RBS shares slide – but this isn’t a buying opportunity

After announcing an £8bn loss, RBS's share price has taken a beating. However, as Ed Bowsher explains, that doesn’t mean the bank is worth buying.
27 Feb 2014

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RBS under attack over SME lending

Allegations that RBS forced viable businesses into insolvency has landed the bank once more in hot water.
28 Nov 2013
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We need to get radical with RBS

The search is on to replace Stephen Hester at the helm of the Royal Bank of Scotland. But what the bank needs is real change, says Matthew Lynn - and …
21 Jun 2013
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Company in the news: Royal Bank of Scotland

RBS made headlines recently when its chief, Stephen Hester, agreed to leave the troubled bank. So, is it time to buy the shares, or should you sell? P…
21 Jun 2013