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10 ways to make your retirement as simple and successful as possible

All the expert help you need to make your retirement comfortable

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From help writing your will and leaving an endowment to charity to getting 24/7 care at home, these are some of the best ways to plan for your retirement.

1. Invest in garden furniture that’s kind to your joints

Outwood Care

Just because our needs change as we get older doesn’t mean we need to skimp on style. Outwoodcare’s exceptional range of garden furniture proves that outdoor eating doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or the wrong height. This family business builds bespoke wooden garden chairs that are designed to accommodate the needs of older people, while also elevating your outdoor areas with contemporary style. Whether you need a specific seat height or any other unique requirement, Outwoodcare will tailor-make your furniture.

To find out more, visit or call 01625 837337 for a free catalogue.

2. Make the most of your properties with short letting


If you’re thinking about relocating, are a frequent traveller or have a second home that’s often vacant, short-term rentals could provide a new source of income and even help you take advantage of the increased freedom to work from anywhere. UnderTheDoormat has welcomed more than 12,000 guests since 2014 and fully manages more than 300 homes. The company provides homeowners with the comfort of knowing their home is occupied through short and mid lets of anywhere from three nights to six months. The dedicated homeowner team looks after you and your home through every step, in line with UnderTheDoormat’s Peace of Mind Pledge. The company offers market-leading insurance, guest vetting and personal check-ins for every stay, as well as a professional cleaning service, which is covered by its 10-Point Hygiene Promise. Sign up your home to UnderTheDoormat and get a complimentary chocolate hamper!

Get in touch at for more information or visit

3. A gift in your will could help save dogs from cruelty

Four Paws

Each year, many dogs are killed for their meat in certain countries – often snatched off the streets or stolen from their homes. FOUR PAWS works tirelessly to keep this from happening, and has teamed up with will-writing experts Bequeathed to make it easier than ever to help support this worthy cause. Leaving a gift through their free online will-writing service could help to keep dogs off the menu, close down dog slaughterhouses and see dogs rescued and ultimately rehomed. Regardless of size, your gift could make a lasting change to animals’ lives. To make your free will or to find out more, please visit

Visit for more information on the work it does.

4. Getting covered for cancer

 Rutherford Direct

Rutherford Direct offers the UK’s first customised membership plan that ensures those diagnosed with cancer are covered for the cost of treatment across a wide range of conditions and for treatment and care through various independent healthcare providers. This includes its own network of state-of-the-art cancer facilities, the Rutherford Cancer Centres. The membership-based plan means not having to deal with any third parties, with comprehensive cancer cover provided under one closed loop. With membership plans starting at £29 a month, the goal of Rutherford Direct is to provide members with a sense of assurance and confidence that they’ll receive the treatment they need at the appropriate time, with access to conventional and advanced cancer treatment options included, such as proton beam therapy.

For more information, visit or call 0800 056 3203.

5. Discover how to claim back on mis-sold pensions


Have you or a family member been pressured to move your pension from a final salary, defined-benefit or company pension scheme? BringBack is an FCA-regulated Claims Management Company that will help you to reclaim what is yours if you’ve been mislead into making detrimental decisions around your pension. It’s all too easy to be advised to move your pension into high-risk investments and to not be made aware of the fees and additional costs incurred with the investment. BringBack works with solicitors who specialise in pension compensation claims. Successful claims are passed back to you, minus a small fee for handling your claim and working on your behalf.

Discover if you were mis-sold a pension and start your claim today by visiting

6. Leave a lasting legacy by including a charity in your will


Legacies are a great way to keep your memory alive and support causes that are important to you. If you leave a gift to a charity such as FRAME in your will, the value of your gift will be deducted from your estate before inheritance tax is applied, so it could reduce the amount of tax paid. FRAME is an independent charity dedicated to the development of new and valid methods that will remove the need for laboratory animals in medical and scientific research, education and testing. With the right tools and training, scientists are able to research human health more effectively without laboratory animals. Gifts of any size will help to achieve this.

For more information, visit or call 0115 958 4740.

7. Submit your insurance claim with confidence


Making a domestic property claim or business claim against your insurer can be a complex process. Insurers usually use the services of an adjusting company to protect their interests, which can become mired in poor communication and lead to claims being denied. As an insurance assessing company, Oakleafe Claims provides a claim preparation and negotiation service for policyholders that’s unparalleled in the industry, with experience and qualifications to match those of the adjusters. The company will protect your position and ensure the claim is presented correctly. The adjuster will, of course, still review the claim, but quantifying it correctly and presenting it under the right heads of the policy will always lead to a smoother experience and a far greater level of satisfaction.

For help putting in a claim, visit

8. Experience the benefits of 24-hour care at home

247 Live-In Companions

We all need help from time to time, and there’s little that’s as reassuring as 24-hour care. 247 Live-In Companions offers a comprehensive range of exceptional care-based services to help clients maintain a high quality of life. Experience the benefits of one-on-one attention in the comfort of your own home: don’t worry about housework, have someone help meet your appointments or pick up your medication and even have help in taking care of your pets. Whether you’re recuperating for medical reasons or just need a bit of respite, a live-in carer can vastly improve your quality of life. 247 Live-In Companions is offering a flat rate with the code: Code247LN. No matter your level of needs, the price will be fixed for the duration of your time with the company.

For more information, visit

9. Transform your interiors quickly and easily


There’s nothing like a home makeover to brighten your mood. The wide range of products from Hemway Home Collection is just the thing to give your interiors a new lease of life. The high-pigment chalk paint provides a smooth, long-lasting, matte finish that will transform your furniture and walls without the need for sanding or priming – perfect for a shabby-chic effect. Hemway also holds the world’s largest range of chalk paint colours, with over 116 available. Make the most of the three-for-two sale to create a fresh combination of matte colour walls and stylish sparkling tiles. Use the code 3for2 across the full Hemway Home Collection.

Visit for more information. Offer valid until 1 July 2021.

10. Invest in your own slice of Loch Ness paradise


Sanctuary offers an opportunity to own your own home-away-from-home in an award winning 5-star lodge development right next to the world-famous Loch Ness. These beautiful lodges come fully furnished in high-end contemporary style, with premium facilities and amenities, including a private hot tub. Sanctuary’s experienced marketing team are on hand to help manage your investment and release its full potential of year-round occupancy. The hands-free staycation investment offering can yield returns of up to £54,000 pa., with the unique location and outstanding luxury flourishes combining to create a stellar investment.

Visit for more information. Contact the marketing team today to request your free staycation investment pack at 01463 353 053 or


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