New to RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". With RSS you can be alerted when websites, including MoneyWeek, have added new content. As soon as new articles are published, you can see the headlines together in one place, without having to visit the site.

In other words, RSS provides a "feed" of new articles. Instead of you having to go to a website to find new information, that information is sent to you.

How do I use the MoneyWeek RSS feed?

You need a "news reader". The latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari all have built-in RSS support, though Firefox users may like to use an addon such as Sage, perhaps. Chrome users will need an extension such as this one.

A news reader can also be a separate program, or a web-based service such as iGoogle, My Yahoo! or Bloglines.

All news readers allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds from various sites. It then automatically checks those feeds, and displays any new articles that have been added.

To subscribe to MoneyWeek's RSS feeds, select the feed you want by:

  • Dragging the RSS link into your news reader, or:

  • Cutting and pasting the URL of the RSS feed into your news reader.

Some sample feeds

All articles

Merryn's blog

MoneyWeek cover stories

Whenever we add or update an article on the MoneyWeek site, you will be immediately alerted.