What will your legacy be?

A legacy can be much more than just a financial consideration. It is equally important to bequeath your wealth of experiences, life lessons and memories. LifeBook Memoirs can capture these treasures and preserve them in an autobiography for you, your loved ones and future generations

Ed Kushins LifeBook Memoirs
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We have all lived through incredible events that became deeply ingrained in our lives, and the memories that we created forever bind us to those times. Many such events were financial: decimalisation; the economic shocks that emanated from the 1973 oil crisis and stagflation; the era of financial deregulation that led to the Big Bang of 1986 and cemented London’s status as a global financial hub; recessions; the dot-com and property bubbles; booms and bailouts ... The list goes on. 

These moments defined careers, but they also became landmarks in our lives, framing our stories in moments of challenge and change. They were amazing times, and they gave rise to some amazing stories. 

The legacy we leave

Many people are motivated by a desire to leave a legacy for their family and friends. They have worked hard their whole lives and wish to do what they can to ensure a better life for their descendants. The legacies they leave might include gifts of property, investments and cash – all of which are very worthwhile things to leave behind. 

There is, however, another kind of legacy that everyone in their later years should consider because of the immeasurably positive effects it can have: the gift of their life experiences and memories.

For many people, resolving financial issues is perhaps an easier task than sitting down to capture their life story on paper. Yet, both are equally important. Passing on a legacy in the form of a beautifully crafted book to children, grandchildren and future generations can give them a sense of identity and belonging that will have a profound effect on their own lives. 

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When starting out on such a project, people are often beset by self-doubt and a lack of confidence. That’s understandable – after all, few people can count autobiographical writing as an area of expertise. Among the questions that people ask when they start are “Who would want to read my story?” and “How can I find the time and energy to embark on such a time-consuming project?”

This was a feeling that Ed Kushins had to overcome when he sat down to put his life experiences into words. 

Starting the journey

Ed Kushins LifeBook Memoirs

(Image credit: LifeBook Memoirs)

Ed commenced his unique personal project by making a few simple notes and lists that, by his own admission, looked more like spreadsheets built around a yearly calendar. He explained, “Each year had short notes, and sometimes nothing more than single words, about significant events, activities, travels, achievements and friends in my life.”

He toyed with the idea of making something more readable from his notes but made little progress. Then, he saw an advertisement for LifeBook Memoirs – a family business that takes pride in helping people to produce their own private autobiographies. 

Making the dream a reality

Ed said, “I saw an advertisement for LifeBook Memoirs and their offer of a well-organised programme. The programme was based on a series of face-to-face interviews that they would transcribe and then professionally develop and edit to create my own personalised memoir.

“I was further intrigued after spending time on their website, listening to and reading samples and testimonials. I decided that I wanted to expand my notes into a real memoir, as much for myself as for the people – mostly family members – whom I thought might want to read it.”

What followed for Ed was an immensely enjoyable journey of discovery and fulfilment as the LifeBook Memoirs team set about bringing his project to fruition.

Rewarding beyond expectations

From the moment when Ed came to LifeBook Memoirs, our team of highly skilled interviewers, ghostwriters and editors helped and guided him on every step of the way, gradually building his recollections into a bound book.

“The writing was easy, fun and interesting,” he said. “Judy, my interviewer, and I outlined the memoir structure, and our interview sessions flowed smoothly, as did the editing. 

“Having the finished memoir has been rewarding far beyond my expectations, and it was well worth the effort and cost.”

For Ed, there was the great satisfaction of being able to explain his life experiences to younger generations, many of whom had little idea of the sacrifices and difficult times that older people had endured through the wars, along with the threats of nuclear obliteration and world upheavals that had formed the backdrop to their own unique life experiences.

How LifeBook Memoirs is helping Ed to look to the future

The benefits of such a collaboration can be lifelong and have the potential to ripple far into the future. As Ed said of his book, which he cleverly entitled EDification, “More people than I expected were interested in reading it. And besides rekindling – and, in some cases, clarifying – dormant memories, it has led me down paths that are influencing my present and future … reconnecting with old friends, digging into my ancestry and living the rest of my life as if I’m collecting material for Volume Two.”

How LifeBook Memoirs can help you

At LifeBook Memoirs, we believe that every life story is unique and deserves to be told with care and empathy. Every book that we create is written by humans – not by AI – and our handpicked interviewers, skilled ghostwriters and experienced editors maintain standards of quality that are second to none. 

As a family business, we take particular pride in the fact that our private autobiographies endure and go on to become cherished heirlooms.

A beautifully handcrafted book

Just as we did for Ed Kushins, we can help you to capture your stories exactly as you would wish and present them in a beautifully handcrafted book – for you, for your family and for generations to come. 

Don’t let your life story – or the lessons you learnt from all those financial ups and downs – be lost. Talk to our experts today on 0330 828 5867 and start your journey into print.