Unilever leaves Britain

Consumer-goods giant Unilever has chosen Rotterdam over London for its unified headquarters. Takeover threats and taxes played a part. Alice Gråhns reports.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

Dennis Gartman: a “watershed” moment for stocks

With central banks slowly tightening monetary policy, and the the “violently random” trading environment of recent months, stocks are bound to suffer, says Dennis Gartman. It’s time to hold cash.

Aviva's unethical hunt for a loophole in its preference shares

Aviva’s threat to cancel its preference shares is a disgraceful step for a firm that depends on investors’ trust, says Oliver Butt.

Putin won’t change Russia

Russia’s economy is stagnating, but Vladimir Putin – in power for 18 years and set for six more – shows scant interest in doing anything about it.

Beware investors’ “mass psychosis”

Bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach has a history of good calls – and now he thinks investors should keep an eye out for signs of incipient madness.

The tech-stock bubble is hissing air

The soaraway performance of the big tech stocks has accounted for much of the US stockmarket’s rise. But the bubble is now deflating.

If you'd invested in: Anglo American and Northgate

Miner Anglo American has seen its share price quadruple, while vehicle-hire firm Northgate has suffered a slide in profits.

Korean stocks could go nuclear

If the summit between the US and North Korea is successful and North Korea embarks on China or Vietnam-style liberalisation, South Korean stocks could scoop a “peace dividend”.

Micro Focus struggles to digest its meals

Micro Focus, until recently Britain’s largest listed technology company, lost more than half of its market value last Monday after warning sales would fall by more than expected.

How to spot tomorrow’s big stocks today

Technological advances have transformed our day-to-day lives – and made fortunes for sharp-eyed investors. But how do you spot future innovators? Dr Mike Tubbs investigates.

An alternative moneymaker from property

Investors looking for a higher yield from property should consider this bond from LendInvest, says David Stevenson.

Investors' patience wears thin for Neil Woodford

The star manager’s tactic of throwing a lot of mud at the wall and hoping some will stick hasn’t worked, says Max King.

The star fund managers who fell to earth

Neil Woodford’s reputation as Britain’s top fund manager has taken a few recent hits. Sarah Moore looks at what lessons investors can learn from his misfortunes.

Another US stockmarket domino has toppled

Tech stocks have been propping up the US stockmarket. But the Facebook allegations have triggered a change in sentiment. This could be a major turning point,, says Dominic Frisby.

The tech sector has grown too powerful – now it’s in the firing line

The row over the misuse of Facebook users’ data has caused its share to price slide. John Stepek asks if this marks the turning point for tech stocks.

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